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ACT learner speed limits between states

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by HaydenH, May 2, 2011.

  1. G'day all,

    Have been trying to find this out but have not really got a definitive answer either way.

    NSW has speed restrictions to L and P's.
    The ACT does not.

    Since I'll be going back and forth over the border on my L's am I restricted in NSW and not in the ACT parts?
    or restricted all the time since i hold a NSW license?


  2. Re: leaner speed limits between states

    I believe that you have to follow the restrictions of your licence at all times.
  3. Re: leaner speed limits between states

    Hmm, sure about that? The restriction is "L-plater" and the speed limit is a condition under the NSW road laws for that class/condition, AFAIK. My understanding is that if I, as a P-plater, wander into Victorian airspace I am allowed to ride at 110kph.

    Having said that, I know someone through someone whom I heard was was pinged at 10kph over the limit whilst on red Ps (doing 120kph in a 110kph) and the fine came back to NSW for processing. He was booked for 30kph over the limit (10kph over + 20kph for the difference of NSW/Vic speeds) under the NSW road rules.

    So basically: i'm confused.

    /may be completely and utterly wrong
  4. Re: leaner speed limits between states

    Always abide by the local laws within the restrictions as set out by your licence.

    In other words, you can't go over 80 on your NSW Ls or 90 on NSW Ps, even if you're in the ACT.
  5. Re: leaner speed limits between states

    You are restricted by the license that you hold.

    If you are restricted to 100kph by your state's road authority, you must obey this Australia wide.

    In the case where you are doing 110kph in a 110kph zone for (example in Victoria) but you are limited to 100 in your home state, if you get pulled over by a cop with a hair dryer and he notices that you are restricted, he can fine you for breaching the conditions of your license.

    You must obey the restrictions that your licensing authority laid upon you.

    That said, I wholehartedly object to speed restrictions. I believe not going the same speed as the rest of the traffic is dangerous. This is particularly of issue in Tas where I know stage 1 P's are limited to 80kph! Madness!
  6. Re: leaner speed limits between states

    The law is different if you are on your Ls as opposed to Ps.

    L Platers are restricted by the state they are in. So a Vic L plater going to NSW has to stick to 80.

    A P plater is restricted by the license they are on. i.e. P plate restrictions are license restrictions not state ones. That is to say a Vic P plater doesnt have to abide by the P plate rules in NSW. However, in theory a NSW p plater has to abide by those of a p plater in vic. That's the RTA version - but it really depends on what state you are visiting and their rules.

  7. Re: leaner speed limits between states

    Rang up the respective RTA's today.

    NSW RTA answer: "you'll need to speak to ACT to find out the ruling for both L and P periods."

    ACT Roads answer: "on L's you need to abide by your nsw restrictions (ie:80km/h), on P's you'll need to speak to NSW RTA."

    So L's are sorted. stick to 80.
    P's: seems no-one has a bloody clue.

    thank god i only have to deal with one phase of P's (red) and not both.
  8. Re: leaner speed limits between states

    I always it was as your license restrictions said, but following the above link that is not the case on your L's.

    IMO I would just stick to 80 in NSW and not have any problems at all, Might suck but it will be a load easer.
  9. I think you're right. I did check recently regarding L/P licences in the ACT. Learner in ACT is not speed restricted, but cross into NSW and must stick to 80kph. However once on P's can ride to the speed limit in NSW even though NSW P's are restricted to 80.

    You're unlikely to get done HH if your rode to the speed limits in the ACT as most (apart from traffic guys) wouldn't be aware of this. However I'd recommend sticking to your 80 kph limit as if you get done at say 100 when you're limited to 80 you can kiss 3 points and $273 goodbye. How many points do you get in NSW on P's? It's not worth the risk.
  10. Re: leaner speed limits between states

    Everything I've heard suggests you follow the speed restriction on your license from your state.

    So if you're not restricted in ACT, you can do 110 on L/P1/P2 in NSW. A mate was in this situation and was pulled by the cops a few times but ACT license so they can go jump, had no issues other than extra attention and cops trying to find other things wrong with the car because they didn't like not having the power to book him.
  11. AFAIK, you are restricted by your permit.
    I got my riders in the ACT three years ago and the documenation specifically stated there were no speed restriction in the ACT, but when riding in NSW on L's, 80km/h was the max. That was a condition of my ACT learners permit.
  12. Re: leaner speed limits between states

    The first time I road on the motorway I was sticking to 80 and trucks kept flying past me real close at 100. It was scary as shit so I accelerated to 100 for the remaining few km. At some point my L snapped so only a little bit below the number plate so you can't really see it. I've got a spare and some cable ties under my seat ready to go. My plan is obey the normal speed and presumably I won't get pinged. unless they have insane eyesight.

    If I get pulled over for an RBT or whatever I can just say "oh it must have snapped, I've got another one." I know it's taking my chances but it's worth it IMO.