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NSW Learner speed limit now 90km/h

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Siwagod, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. #1 Siwagod, Mar 30, 2013
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    Flogging a dead horse I know, but fcuking hell I am so angry at the moment. This weekend alone now I have had 3 people nearly collect me from behind because I am restricted to doing 30kmh under the bloody speed limit on the highway.

    Ive had my full car licence for 6 years and yet Im deemed a fcuking danger when Im doing the speed limit, and I am deemed safe if I am sitting in high speed traffic doing a drastically slower speed.

    Its either I choose between risking losing my licence and being fined hundreds of dollars but being as safe as possible by moving WITH traffic, or keep my licence safe and run the risk of being fcuking killed or seriously injured.

    I guarantee you, if I got pulled over on the highway doing even 100kmh in the 110 zone, they would ram the book up my arse no matter how much I showed them just how bullshit dangerous it is to go so slow.

    Same shit as sitting stationary on my bike in the middle of the road in a 30 zone and having cars go around me. If I did that, they'd arrest me and declare me as a danger, risking my life and that of others.

    Sorry about the rant, Im just fcuking fuming.

    <edit> Thread updated 02/07/2013 (Page 7): Learner riders in NSW can now travel at up to 90kph.
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  2. Yep, speed differential is dangerous. I reckon it's fcuked.
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  3. When I was last travelling in NSW for work it was pretty obvious it was dangerous, even for cars. You see a line of people getting all hot under the collar, stuck behind a poor L or P plater (abiding by the law, mind) in a double-lined single lane for 20km *cough* Pacific Hwy *cough* and its a pressure cooker for an accident. Can't understand the logic behind it.
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  4. So ... how are your mirror checking skills now? Have you learnt to keep an eye out all around?

    In reality the problem is not with the slower speed of some but the impatience of others. By giving in to the pressure of others we compound the problem.
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  5. id rather live

    so take the fine if you get one over a car up your arse

    when i was interstate i was on a highway and some f'n moron was holding up traffic, i nearly ran the dude over doing 80 in a 110 zone, and flew past while he was still putting along slowly... later on i googled that shit and felt sorry for the poor bastard in the stupid state that risks learner drivers lives by making them obstacles in the middle of the highway
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  6. Here is another perspective,if your limited to 80 and you have a big Que behind find somewhere to pull over safely for a while and defuse the potential problem,seen L platers in cars with people who should know better sitting beside them completely obvious to whats happening.Its a stupid law that makes more safety issues than it helps,thats the 80 limit.In your case real stupid,black car licence for 6 years bleeding obvious limiting you to 80 is stupid.A virgin L plater with no experience probably shouldn't be mixing it on an expressway till there got the act together,what the hell that means I have no idea.How do you discriminate between yourself and the traffic virgin.
  7. Is there any alternative route that doesn't require travelling on a freeway?
  8. As a restricted driver/rider you're supposed to pay attention to the traffic behind you and pull over for them to get past if they can't pass you safely. Other traffic is also supposed to cut you some slack and give you some room rather than being impatient bastards.
    As already mentioned, learners aren't really supposed to be on the freeways, either, but having a full car license does make that a more difficult call since you should know how to handle freeway travel.
  9. Faster lane for learner drivers

    December 17, 2012.

    Learner drivers will be allowed to drive faster than 80km/h if the NSW government adopts the advice of police and motor safety experts.

    A government-appointed advisory group has met the Roads Minister, Duncan Gay, to propose a revised licensing scheme that could result in L-platers driving at up to 110km/h on freeways, as allowed in some other states.

    The changes, supported by the NRMA, could also reduce the hours learners must log before progressing to their P-plates. But learners might be forced to complete a hands-on driver training course as a trade-off for fewer hours on the road.

    The approach represents a big turnaround in attitudes to driver training. Traditionally, government-appointed safety regulators have been dismissive of driver training, arguing that it contributes to over-confidence in young drivers.

    It is understood that Mr Gay supports the idea but a spokeswoman insists there has been no formal consideration of the advisory group's recommendations. Revisions to the learner licensing scheme will be announced in the first half of 2013. If approved, the changes will align NSW with Victoria and Queensland, where learners can drive at up 110 km/h.

    In Western Australia and South Australia, learner drivers are limited to 100km/h. Learners in the Northern Territory and Tasmania are limited to 80km/h.

    An experienced NSW police officer said the rise in speeds for learners made sense.

    ''They need to know what a car does at freeway speeds before they go out there and do it on their own,'' he said.

    ''At the moment there's too big a speed disparity between learner drivers and other drivers on the freeway and it just causes more problems than it solves. They get out there and have people tooting and giving them the middle finger.''

    The changes are being considered as thousands of learners prepare to hit the road during summer holidays, trying to log hours behind the wheel on long trips with families.

    The NRMA president, Wendy Machin, says the group's members and members of the public complain of being stuck behind learners on the state's freeways, especially in summer.

    ''Parents see the holidays as a good time to get the logged hours up and you have learners grinding along at 80km/h when it would probably be safer for them to do the same speed as the rest of the traffic,'' she said.

    The Pedestrian Council chairman, Harold Scruby, opposes any increase, saying young drivers should learn to handle a car before being allowed to drive at 100km/h.

    ''We all get stuck behind L-plate drivers from time to time,'' he said. ''It's something you have to accept.''

    Sydney-based driver training veteran Ian Luff said many new drivers were intimidated by high closing speeds on NSW highways.

    "Vehicles interact better if there is no speed disparity,'' he said.

    "We've put more than 1500 learner drivers through our program. They're all freaked out at the closing speed, particularly when they are on freeways.''

    Poll: Should learner drivers be allowed to drive faster than 80km/h?

    Yes 76%
    Not sure 4%
    No 20%
    Total votes: 5058.
    Poll closed 18 Dec, 2012

    These polls are not scientific and reflect the opinion only of visitors who have chosen to participate.

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  10. Notice in all of that that his only comment for why the speed should stay restricted is 'young drivers'. Takes no consideration of people such as myself and many many others who have been on the roads for years and then finally decide to get a bike, or vice versa.

    And absolutely agree with the other comment, that people should learn how the speed feels with supervision in the car. If they freak out when they have a fully licenced person in the car, well, they have help, but if they have never done the speed, get their Ps, then go do it by themselves, how are they going to handle it?

    As for pulling over and letting people pass, I do this every chance I get. The moment Im on the freeway and I can see noone is behind me, Ill raise the speed.

    If they are going to insist on having the restrictions, then they need to bloody regulate it and take into consideration the distinction between 'new' road users and experienced ones.
  11. When I was on my L's (having held a full drivers' licence for about 8 years at the time) I stayed off roads signposted at more than 80kmh. This meant taking an alternative route to work, and sure, that took longer than it would have if I'd taken the motorway all the way - but hey, I was on a bike - it meant I was able to be thus for longer. It also meant I was less likely to get wiped out by someone going faster than I was, and therefore more likely to come home that afternoon. Win-win. Perhaps worth thinking about things from a different perspective.
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  12. My L plate fell off a lot :/
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  13. One of my mates, who is on his L's, got done in for using the emergency lane the other week on the M4. He was not using it to ride down the road, but travelled 100ish feet before stopping.

    He was given a speech by the officer about why he cannot use the emergency lane, fined $234 (I think it was) and no loss of demerit points (though I think he could have lost 3?)

    Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Now he just takes the GWH and Parra rd (like that's any better!!) so he doesn't have any grief.
  14. ive never been a fan................what idiot thought of restricting L and P's to 80km far slower than everyone else?
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  15. Some years ago it was 70 for Ls and 80 for Ps, but there were no 110 limits in NSW at the time, nor any 120hr requirements and only 1 year on your Ps.
    Now Ls are 80, first Ps are 90 and second Ps are 100.

  16. Correct me if I am wrong, but you appear to be quite proud of this.

    If you classify someone obeying the rules as a "f'n moron", and "nearly ran the dude over", I think it says more about you than the other person.

    I have some bad news for some of you, just because the speed limit on a bit of road is 110 kph, that doesn't mean everyone has to do 110 kph.

    Personally, I don't agree with the 80 limit, but it is there.

    As for the OP, try and stay calm.

    Motorbikes get much more dangerous when the rider is angry.
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  17. Actually it dosn't read that way ast all once you read the rest of his post where he googles it and then feels sorry for the person for having to travel at that speed.
    He was just ignorant of that silly raod law in another state.
  18. Crazycam is right its called a speed 'limit', not a speed 'must do'
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  19. Problem is easily solved. Just make restrict everyone's speed to 80kph.
  20. Yeah okay. Thatll work. So its going to take people longer to get to work causing fatigue and probably a rise in the road toll. Thats smart. We dont need more speed drops. Vehicles are getting safer and safer the speed limits on perfect highway roads should be raised not lowered