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Learner & Scooter riders - earn $50 for your opinion

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Mouth, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. Interesting target group... Learners, and scooter riders no matter how experianced...

    I could come up with a whole heap of derogatory scooter statments here... but lets just assume they have been said and leave it at that :LOL:
  2. anyone who went care to shed some light on this.

  3. Part of the idea of these forums is that you don't know what you are in for before you go, so they can get your initial reaction, not something you have mulled over for days before.
  4. might go and buy a scooter so I can get that $50
  5. Do want change too? LOL
  6. Fully understand this concept, but I was never going to attend.

    I am sceptical of this type of gov't approach, it ends in a "we did consult a focus group" answer.
    I think if their solutions are so great give them to m/cyclists to consider and respond instead of have to answer there and then.
    As said before I have suspicion that this is funded from OUR $50 levy somehow and ends up biting us.

    There got that off my chest.

  7. Wont it be easier to pretend you have a scooter?

    Just turn up looking a bit ghey and they wont have any doubts ;-)