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Learner Riding Course day 1 *LONG*

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by N1GH7-R1D3R, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I completed the first day of my Learner Rider training Course today. It's a two day course for those who don't know and i finish it tomorrow. Each day comprises of 3.5 hours training, 9:00 - 12:30. All in all it was quite a boring day but parts of it were fun as until today i had never ridden a road bike (Dirt Bikes Lots but no Road).

    The day started by filling out the neccessary paperwork that just state you understand all the risks associated with motorbike rider and that the RTA are not held responsible for injury occured etc. etc. After filling this out we were given a short talk on the aspects of motorcycling such as Correct gear to wear, how to treat a helmet, what wrecks a helmet, AS1698 compliance and a few other safety topics. This lasted about 10 minutes then we where outside on the course.

    When we to the bikes the first 1hour was spent with the bikes OFF :evil: . We were taught how to mount/dismount the bike correctly, how to brake, how to find neutral and change gears, where to look while riding and correct posture on the bike. We also were shown how to manouver the bike while it is off, turn it around, back it up etc.

    Then we had a nice 15 minute break for drinks and were back into it.

    Once we commenced we did all the riding components of day one. This started out with the instructor showing us how to correctly start the bike and get in the ready position. Once this was accomplished without hassle we were shown how to engage first gear and release the clutch, with no throttle, so that we could start rolling forward. We then manouvered the bike back to the starting position. this was done numerous times to ensure cluth control was fine. Then we did this again however by using the throttle to get a fast idle so we actually got some decent forward momentum, lol. We proceeded to do this up to a point, stop, do it again, stop, do it again etc, then turn around and do it again. Fun fun (note sarcastic tone)

    Then we actually got to ride them. From a start point the end point of all the previous start/stops, kill the engine, turn bike around, start engine ride back down etc. THEN after finally doing all this we were taught how to steer the bike around a corner. We basically had to ride along and make a left hand turn that went 180 back around to where the instructor was standing. This was to get us using our head to look at the instructor the whole way throught the turn (i.e. Look were you want the bike to go/turn).

    FINALLY after all of this we began doing laps around an rounded rectangle circuit, first to the left, then to the right. Once we'd done this for 5 minutes we got taught how to change into second, then back to first for the corners, back to second for the straight etc SO FUN (please note the sacastic tone again). After we did all this the day was over.

    We went back up to the teaching room/kitchen where we talked about what we had done for the day, debriefed and were given a small sheet as homework.

    Well guys that was pretty much it. It was quite a boring 3.5 hours with minimal riding. I understand that it must be structured like this for complete noobs but having ridden a dirt bike heaps i found it very repetitive and slow. It was all stuff that you could do with your eyes closed. Anyway i did this write up basically so anyone who is thinking about doing their L's or is booked in to do them know's what's in store.

    In all reality you would either have to be deliberately trying VERY hard to not pass this or to find it difficult in any manner. When i finish tomorrow i will give everyone a run down on what should hopefully be a much more practical and fun experience.

  2. lol after my first day (very much like yours) I went out with a friend and bought a 1986 GSX250 for $500 and rode it home (from north melbourne to Oakleigh)...

    Got my L's the next day... and found out the bike needed $600 worth of repairs to make it RWC... lol later that week I was on the road!!!
  3. Never mind, Josh, you have obviously approached it with the right atitude and attitude is what it's all about. Even us old riders still need to learn new things so enjoy it and pick up some stuff you didn't know.

    When I got my "L"s I went to the RTA office in Wollongong, passed a 25 question theory test and walked out with my plates. I was then able to ride any bike I'd have wanted to. How things change!
  4. Then, when I went for my licence (no "P"s cos I already had a car licence), I rode in to the RTA office, a testing officer stood on the kerb while I started the bike, pulled out into the traffic, rode down the street, did a "U" turn and rode back to the office.

    We went inside and they wrote out my licence and handed it to me.

  5. Luckly when I did my Q-ride course, pretty much every person going for there licence that day had been on a motorbike many times beforehand. There were only two of us going for our RE and the other 6 were trying out for their open licence.

    I think due to the relative experience of the entire group being pretty high or at least above complete noob status, the instructor got us riding out on the highway in no time at all. We did however spend a long time on emergency braking which I found very helpful.

    I guess it all depends on who else is in your training group.