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learner rides

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by heathermac, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Hi to new riders,
    went on my 1st learner ride yesterday on the great ocean road, 512 km, exhausted, both mentally & physically but well worth the effort. the reason being, I have been putting off doing one one of these rides on my own for a few reasons, lack of confidence in my riding as well as socially mixing with mostly guys that I don't know. previously I have done most of my riding with my partner, who has been awesome with his knowledge & patience, well, most of the time. the last 5 weeks I have had to put myself out there on my own as he has been forced to "walk" for a few mths. I have had my "Ls" for 8 mths & if I dont' ride while he is off the road I will quickly lose what I have learnt. been riding to work, busy traffic on a main rd, as well as doing an hour circut with lots of different turns, roundabouts etc, it's been amazing the improvement of what consistent riding can do, before I might only get on the bike once a week, not enough!!!
    I encourage anyone to do these learner rides as the guys yesterday, they know who they are, were fantastic, helpfull, patient, very friendly, and it gave me another great experience to use in my "journey" of learning how to stay on, and ride my cruiser with confidence so I can enjoy this new world of "bikes" and "bikies" there a great bunch
    happy riding(y)

  2. She forgot to say that she is a 60 year old learner.
    You did well Heather,
  3. Nice to hear good feedback about our fellow NR's!
    Glad you enjoyed yourself and are not giving in to your fear, and practising regularly.
  4. Well done and thumbs up.
  5. I'll put in another plug for Melbourne Ulysses. we have well conducted rides and quite a few women members. so come ride with us.
  6. Ulysses is a great group to instruct learner riders. Members are mature and experienced, which means that a new rider can be taught the right way in a safe environment.
  7. Very post modern of you to remove all hints of sarcasm. I like it!
  8. I've stopped riding with young guys as you spend too much time extracting them from the scenery.
  9. :rofl:
  10. Congrats Heather,

    it's nice riding with a partner, but it's also good to ride on your own, or with ther people too.

    Riding experience grows (as you pointed out!) and so does the confidence.

    I hope you continue to enjoy the ride!... :)

    PS: it's such a shame that some A$$hats can't see passed their own age and experience to appreciate other bike riders. EVERYONE had to start somewhere...even them
  11. I think this is a terrible shame, and just another nail in the coffin for motorcycling.

    The young riders are full of hormones and make dangerous decisions impulsively and without a second thought.

    We are so worried about presenting a poor image to the community, maybe it is about time to consider raising the minimum age at which you can gain a motorcycle license to something more reasonable?

    There is no maturity in a 20 year old boy, and that is something that is really needed when you operate a PTW. 25 minimum.
  12. ...so I presume you're not a motorcycle rider then beige.racer? Being 22? Or is your beige alter ego a hypocrite? Is this a case of do as I say, not do as I do?

    At least be a consistent troll.

    I think the cracks are beginning to form. I had so much higher hopes for you.
  13. There. Fixed. :wink:
    Good on you Heather. Enjoy.

    You'll be riding rings around DM by the time he gets back on.
  14. I doubt that very much, after doing 10,000 km on the back off the bird, I haven't enough years left in me to catch up to his skill level, but I'll have fun trying. Oooooh, to be 21 again, & know what I know now????? thanks for the good wishes.:dance:
  15. Way to go Heather. Keep checking out the Sunday Learner firendly rides. They are usually pretty well run.

    Too bad you haven't got your unrestricted licence or Deadman could be your pillion biatch :LOL:
  16. Ahahaaha... Classic mate!!

    ... and good on you Heather. :)))
  17. now that I've broken the fear of going on these rides without DM, sure will b watching out for them, tho i feel a little mean leaving him at home, tho "life happens when u have other things planned"
    as far as him being a pillion biatch, he doesn't need to be on the back of the bike to be one of those,lol cheers H:rolleyes:
  18. bloody hell! LOL. (excuse me while I wipe the coffee I just snorted out my nose all over the keyboard)
    Ahahaaha... Deadman, normally I would never venture to having a dig at someone whose forced to "hoof it"...( bad form), but your wifey just cracked me up, mate :)

    What a lively pair you two are, and what a refreshing change it makes to these often dull cobwebbed halls.

    Good on ya's :)
  19. Ive extracted plenty out of the scenery, Thats how they learn, Discuss why they did end up in the bushes, It gives them the reason and the know how not to do it again,
    They do end up good riders for it, But you must give them the time to learn from you.

    If we all did that, Stopped riding with them, they would probably never learn,