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Learner Rides in Syd?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Shuriken, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. Does anyone know of any regular learner rides that takes place in Sydney? Will be purchasing a bike this weekend and looking to jump straight in on a group learner ride if there is one around the sydney area.

  2. I am not in Sydney so cannot assist directly but in my experience some riders take to riding immediately and some don't. And the new riders do't always realize which group they are in. To be safe I would be turning up to the Sydney Learner practice sessions and get some basics covered before heading off on a ride.
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  3. Thats a good point. Would you know where these practice rides might be held or how I might find out about it.
  4. There is a MOST practise in Homebush every Saturday and after the practise is a short learner ride. I think the title of the thread is "sydney most practise". Sorry cant give you a link as I'm doing this on my phone, so..
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  5. Sydney Learner Sessions (Weekly, Sat 1pm)

    There is also this one Mentors/Tutors to help newer riders

    When your ready for more post up a date, location etc specify learner friendly, that should get some response.
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    Homebush...awesome thats close to me too. Thanks for that.

    Yup will do. Will definitely check out the sydney learner sessions. Is there any cost in it?
  7. I haven't been but that would make it a business which it is not so no cost, a few people volunteering their help to new riders I believe.
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    Wow thats excellent...feel the love. Love the comradeship between riders...part of the reason why I got into it.

    Will definitely check that out after i take delivery of my bike on thursday. Hopefully the weather holds out...when is summer gonna gey here???
  9. Will see you there then. What bike is it?
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  10. hornethornet and I recently tried running a Learner ride, got a few responses, but almost as many last minute drop-outs so we cancelled it. Paul actually messaged me last week to try and organise another one, and I declined because it seems these days, many noobs are only interested in commuting and riding among themselves, the blind leading the blind so I can't be bothered with them anymore.

    A few years back, myself and a few guys from this board ran a huge L/P ride, and we had about 85 riders that day, with many smaller ones at other times, but it seems gone are the days you can post up a noob ride and get enough reliable interest to bother running it.
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    Will do. How bout in the rain is it still on? I bought a 2016 ninja 650L

    Thats a shame...ahh well definitely interested if you both decide on holding another one.
    Blind leading the blind is very dangerous and foolish. Hopefully more noobs wise up
  12. It is a shame. We used to be able to fill a weekend day ride with at least half a doz people with only a few days notice. People are busier, have other interests as well and I think the dramatic increase in the number of riders on the roads has yielded a mainly commuter focused rider, trying to save $$ and time on transport to/from work/Uni etc rather than a breed of riders, who ride for fun and pleasure.

    I will organise a weekend in the Snowy region in a few days time, so if interested, keep an eye out on the NSW calendar.
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    Gejun does the MOST practice in homebush
    Gejun is the MOST practice rides in homebush structured like the P1 test itself???

    Ooohhh, snowy??? Would be too risky for a learner wouldnt it? The roads being slippery from snow
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    No Snow this time of year. They had the annual Snowy ride this weekend down there, but I dodge that like the plague. I have taken a number of Learner and provisional riders down there on many occasions and never had an issue with any of them.

    You can ride here;


  15. Are you asking if you get to lead the group just like on the P1 test? No you cannot, but if your asking about the slow speed maneuver stuff, according to people who have done the test,(I have yet to do it, scheduled on 6th of Dec), they said it is. Yesterday I chatted with a guy that had just done the test the week before and he said that it really helped him. He even did the test with a perfect score, and he gives the credit to Homebush practise.

    The practise will still go through even if it is wet if someone will express interest (after all the real test will not be cancelled if its wet.), and if it is going to be cancelled( due to extreme weather conditions or what not) they will give notice through the thread. so be sure to check the morning before you start heading there.

    I have included some extract from the thread for info.

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  16. Yes that makes alot of sense. Gujen what bike do you ride
  17. I ride a 2012 cbr250r..
  18. Cool. You going for your P1s soon?
  19. Yeah.. Just booked it yesterday.. Doing it in st. Ives on dec 6. When is yours?
  20. Awesome dude. All the best. Ummm only got my L's 3 weeks ago and only just managed to purchase my bike this weekend. So ill give it a couple of months before I go for my Ps