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Learner Rides - how far is too far?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Dionikon, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. < 100 km's

    4 vote(s)
  2. < 200 km's

    24 vote(s)
  3. < 300 km's

    10 vote(s)
  4. < 400 km's

    4 vote(s)
  1. Greetings all, I've done a quick search but couldn't find if / when this topic had already been discussed. So if you have better search-fu than I please feel free to post a link to a previous thread.

    I'm keen to lead a Sunday learner ride some time soon, and have a specific route in mind that will be around 300 km's with quite a bit of twisty stuff involved.

    So my question is this, is this too far? I would do no more than 1 hr stints and make sure that everyone had a chance to get a decent rest at each stop of course.

    Google maps reckons the route I'm thinking will take 4.5 hrs, so I reckon on a bike, with a group, we could be looking at 6.5 all told, maybe more including lunch and other random stops.

  2. Sounds good. Where is this. What abilities are you expecting to cater for?
    I think people know their limits and it is up to them whether they wish to join or not. I consider myself a learner and would be happy to do a ride like this. The more practise the better hey!
  3. The ride I'm talking about will be in VIC, probably should have mentioned that I guess. ;)
  4. Yep, too far.
    Think sore arms/hands/butt, poor concentration etc etc...
  5. I went on a learner ride on Sunday that was about 210km (?) and it was great. We happened to talk about how long was too long for a learner ride and one of the more experienced riders thought back to when they went on a learner ride which was over 300km and they had a tough time getting home and needed to be shadowed.
    Learners can't always guess how far is too far...but in saying that you'll never learn if you don't push yourself...so I'd recommened no more than 250km.
  6. I think 300 is fine, I attended my first group ride not long ago (nojee) and I could've definitely gone further... Ive only been riding for about 3-4 weeks.

    Including driving from home and back to the meet point I did 350kms all up and was itching for more.
  7. personally, I'd be happy to do this length of ride, however, the thing I don't like so much with the group rides is how long it takes to do them, rather than how far they are. I know why we stop so much, and I agree that it's needed for some people, but, if I was riding on my own (or with a few mates of like mind) I'd reduce the breaks to a shorter time.

    Also, I would prefer the ride to start early and be home by around lunch time... maybe 1pm... This is of course JUST MY OPINION. Having said that, I still do some of the rides, and I enjoy doing them. I agree that you should just post the ride that you're planning, make sure you warn new riders that it might be a bit long, and let people decide if they want to go or not.

    Give it a go mate, just post what you're thinking and let people decide for themselves.
  8. Yeah, fair call!
    BTW, how was the learner ride on Sunday? Where did you guys go?
  9. as a guide the HART learners ride to Toolangi is about 130k. nearly all bendies and twisties. my son did it after riding for about 4 months and was stuffed at the end. fatigue is the worry. they just go into brain fade, especially just after lunch.
    of course if its cruising you can go further.
  10. I once took 2 L-platers on a 600km+ weekend ride. Both had told me before hand that they have had heaps of dirt bike experience..... long story short, one guy (my brother-in-law) took to it like a duck to water the other just didn't get it, he missed a corner about 4hrs into the ride, fell on a low speed, tight corner... said he was sore, tense and worn out, so I would say go for a short ride, say no more then 3hrs, think time rather than distance, 3hrs will keep the nurvous type in check and not ware them out and will give the naturals a good taste of what's to come and more importantly it will keep you interested!!!
  11. The problem with shorter breaks is that if the front runners have a 5 minute break, the tail end gets no break at all. You really need to wait until the TEC has had a long enough stop, that way you don't unnecessarily tire out the slower end of the pack.

    I'm a fan of early starts too, but early generally seems to make people complain about lack of sleep or some such nonsense. :p
  12. Avoid having a big lunch, it will make you very tired
  13. I'm not fussed with length of the rides but am another early start voter. I don't want the ride to consume the whole day so I'd like to be able to have 1/2 a day to do things in still when I get back. Ill do full day rides from time to time as well as rides that start at late times but the earlier start the better as it means we get back home sooner & everyone in the home is happy.

    Also vote for more centrally located meetup point within a 10km radius of the cbd to make it fair for everybody on equal terms.
    Disclaimer: above opinions are only of ResmeN.
  14. Make sure your home before it gets dark,

    Darkness throws up a lot of problems, none of you will be familiar with,
    Visibility, Cars on your hammer, as you will be going slow, Lights in your mirrors,

    Same as rain, That throws a lot of problems onto learners,
    Visibilty, slippery roads, Tiredness, lack of concentration, Especially if your wet and cold,
  15. I've run learner friendly rides on the VIC Sunday Learner thread and they're always around the 300K mark which shouldn't really be too long.
    That thread is all about stepping up to some distance but at a pace that doesn't put any pressure on any rider to keep up with anyone.

    Of course it depends on the type of road.
    300K of only twisties wil test the concentration but usually that distance wil require some longer stretches of hwy riding in between.
    Important thing is to plan the ride so there are stops after no more than an hour of riding and make them at servos or places where people can get a drink/snack/lunch/fuel etc.

    Being back before dark is also important but at 300K shouldn't be an issue as long as you leave no later than 10AM.

    As a Learner friendly ride, I believe it's also a good idea to have a link of the route so people can also make up their own minds after seeing it.

    Start should be an easy location to find and End points should be so it's simple for riders to head home but they don't need to be at the same location.

    Awesome that someone new is willing to give it a go and remember that there'll be a good chance you'll have a more experienced rider there on the day willing to give you a hand, tec, explaining corner marking, etc.
    Oh and remember to state that everyone should start the ride with FULL TANKS...

    Good luck

    PS: Go to the VIC Sunday Learners thread, go back a few pages to when i posted one of my rides and you'll see how I layed out the info for the ride. Only go to that extent of details for learner rides so I make it clear what I like to expect on my learner rides.
    I would use less details if it were a more advanced ride.
    Feel free to use it as a template....
  16. yeah, that's why I said that I understand that it needs to be done on group rides, but if I was riding with a few mates only, I'd shorten them. I just find that they long breaks make the day a bit long for me.
  17. Was really good! Down through Helensburgh, Picton, and up to Wallacia. Got drenched on the way home on the M4 (will post pics later) but was really enjoyable and learnt a few things.
  18. Anywhere between 200-300k's dependant on the road type and weather.

    A bit cold and wet with twisties - 200. Got a fair degree of open cruising, then closer to 300.
  19. As a learner still myself...
    I must admit there were a few things that had me balking at Group Rides initially.

    Confidence - especially in a big group, and knowing there would be lots of bikes, and lots of good riders. The first few rides I did, was deliberately in smaller groups, and I found I was hooked pretty quickly!

    The other thing for me before I did my first few rides, was indeed the length. I wasn't sure how tired I would become, or even whether some of the twisties and roads I would be able to manage.

    I did get a couple of shorter group learner friendly rides in, and found them very beneficial! A couple of people gave us some great tips, we stopped for coffee at the half way mark, and I had a great time!

    So I think 300kms is a bit long if you are truly aiming at new learners.
    Doing a ride that established learners could tag along with - well that is a different thing. Many established learners would be fine with this distance.

    I think it is great the bike community helps out new members to the extent they do though, and am really enjoying my riding, and now eagerly look forward to seeing group rides in my area. I must admit though I do prefer shorter rides not 300kms rides still. Partly due to time involved, and also due to other factors.
  20. Group Learner rides.

    Every one is friendly, Unique to motor cycling, You will be welcomed,

    Your all in the same boat, Learners,

    You will have experienced riders along to help you,

    So dont be shy, Or think you are not good enough,

    It is a learner ride, Its there to help you get started in your experience of riding,

    Just use common sence, If you have questions, ASK, some one will help you.