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Learner rider riding nicely

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by GoTeam, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. I was driving down Springvale Rd then turned into Ferntree Gully Rd this afternoon and had a learner on a baby pirate bike (CBR250Rrrrrrrrrrrrr) behind then in front of me. He had Hurricane Racing stickers on the back and a Blade leather riding jacket. He rode nicely (ie. I wouldn't expect him to get into trouble easily). If anyone knows him, please pass on "keep up the good work" to him. :)

    What's some exemplary riding you've seen? It can count getting into trouble then doing all the right things to get out of trouble (since they're the stories I'd expect to be most common/memorable).

  2. This one time, I passed a bunch of shops and caught my reflection, man that guy can ride! :LOL:
  3. lolz phizog.... u beat me to it... :LOL:
  4. i swear i didn't do that this arvo going down oxford st :oops:
  5. Hahaha.. I hope Fj1100 dont see this, so he cant tell a little story, lol.
  6. hahah.. its not the reflection you gotta look out for on Oxford St. :shock:
  7. Anyone in the area? I rode my bike to work today and work on Oxford Street - so easy slicing through traffic!
  8. lol i work in rose bay and live in randwick... is that close enough to "in the area"? :p
  9. i know a lot of L and P platers who can ride both safely and quickly.
  10. i work in oxford street. i've seen a red cibby 250 flying past and some nice black r1s as well.
  11. Black hyosung GT250R here, around the barracks!
  12. i'll keep a look out and give you a wave. just wave back dude. :biker:
  13. Silver zzr250, also near the barracks - COFA.
  14. Do you guys go down the bus lane or split on oxford between Taylor Square and the park?
  15. Red and black domi and cb250RSIF and work in the rocks but usually ride up oxford and vecinities at lunch time.

  16. Buslane... thats what it's there for :p Did that tonight actually coming up towards bondi!! I'm a black VTR with staintune... give me a wave or a nod and make me happy :) *-yes, i know i'm shallow :p *

    we should have a meetup after work one day
  17. I've got a candy apple red (with ding) TDM850. I'm probably going down Oxford st about 7:30-40 though. Going home about 5:45.

    Have you found a good spot to park yet? I've found a great one right near work.

    And do you go home via the ED? How bad is it?
  18. I'm an f'en great learner rider :LOL: