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learner rider in thongs

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mrs RidesCbr, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. i was sitting at work the other day when i hear a bike comming i turned to look at it, the guy that was riding it had a singlet and shorts on and he was wearing a pair of thongs i just shook my head but when he road past i noticed he was also a learner rider.
    proberly not the smartest riding gear

    [mod- locked, this has been covered in depth in previous threads]
  2. It was probably just another Darwin Awards candidate working at removing himself from the gene pool.
  3. ...the bad influence

    Still trying to get my head around why it's the law to wear a helmet but protective clothing is optional. If full skin cover was a minimum and the police ACTUALLY enforced the law with a say $165 o n the spot fine then maybe the d*#khead element would learn. I mean if your happy coming off at speed and suffering a couple of years of skin grafts then that's your business but the fact that the rest of us pay our taxes to repair the damage these idiots do to themselves is what sucks.
    No such thing as bad riding days...just bad riding gear
  4. I'm seeing lots of people wearing shorts etc with the weather at the moment. After seeing a mate of mine suffer a large dose of road rash years ago I put up with the heat & wear my gear always. One thing that does bother me is the ammount of people riding scooters around town wearing office clothing & looking like they just pull on a helmet & no gloves. I think there should be minimum riding gear enforced. Duncan
  5. second that, motion carried

    perhaps a netrider supported petition to the government.... I'm sure most riders would be in support..... you know moral conscience and all that
  6. Squids are squids. If you asked them why they do it, they wouldn't be able to tell you, and if you pointed out the dangers, they'd just say that the damage will happen to someone else, not them. In the mean time, they give our ambulance staff plenty of practice so I guess they perform some useful function......
  7. Re: second that, motion carried

    Please don't try and speak for the rest of us. Many have confidence in their ability and may not wear the right protective gear all the time, and will ride accordingly.

    It's all about freedom of choice

    The rider in thongs may have been going down to the beach. May have had five years experience riding trail bikes. Do a search on squid - it has been discussed over and over.

    If you feel safe in protective gear, then that is great. But don't think everybody wants to be like you :wink:
  8. good point toecutter

    I guess that just leaves the taxpayer burden of repairing the damage issue, but like you said I guess it's a matter of choice.
  9. Re: second that, motion carried

    And many have OVERconfidence in their ability - these are the ones likely to become a squishy splat that someone has to scrape off the road.
  10. Well, I for one couldn't care less. If you want to run the risk, go ahead. Just don't expect me to stop and peel you off the road if you have an off. As for the insurance thing (TAC), we would pay through the nose regardless.

    Maybe making helmets optional would save some time and resources. Just bag 'em and tag 'em. :twisted:

    Sometimes, you just can't/shouldn't protect people from themselves.
  11. i like this method of thinking.
  12. Re: second that, motion carried

    And when you get clipped by a drunk driver running a red light, or something else unexpected, where your confidence or ability is highly unlikely to save you, good luck with those shirts shorts and thongs.

    Legal or not, i think your a bloody idiot if your riding around in that stuff.
  13. Re: second that, motion carried

    Without doubt, overconfidence is a problem - whether wearing safety gear or not. There are plenty of riders involved in single vehicle accidents who get killed wearing thousands of dollars of leathers, gloves, helmets and boots.

    Safety gear may save gravel rash and a broken bone, but my point is to become skilful in the art of riding to minimise risks and to take it even easier if you choose to wear a T-Shirt on a 35 degree day.

    The poll I did here had three quarters of netriders ATGATT and the accidents I read about on here are about three quarters rider fault.
  14. Re: second that, motion carried

    True, but sadly I'm sure there's also plenty that were killed who weren't wearing protective gear who'd still be alive today if they were (Edit: not to mention the number of amputations and skingraft operations that could have been easily avoided) . I'm sure plenty of those thought they were riding well within their limits and that nothing bad would or could happen - but let's face it you're never alone out on the road and anything can happen anytime.
  15. Re: second that, motion carried

    Apart from dying from extreme gravel rash that got infected, I don't know how a $149 textile jacket with basic foam armour and draggin jeans would save someone's life.

    Granted that a Dainese or other top quality back protector could well save someone's life/keep them out of a wheelchair - so how far do the above posters want to go with their "compulsory legislation"
  16. Thongs is smart, if you had parked your bike in the sun imagine how hot the pegs would have been, surely would have got burns from going barefoot.
  17. Re: second that, motion carried

    FWIW, I never wear thongs, shorts or ride without gloves. T-Shirt yes, and not very often, but still a great feeling.

    So how many of you Safety Nazis have gone up to a squid and called them an idiot? Yeah it's much easier on a Forum, isn't it :p
  18. gravel rash

    I'll take the $149 jacket over your "confidence" anyday when it comes time to hit bitumen.
    Last time I checked, confidence wasn't abrasion resistant.
    Also the majority of those "single rider" accidents you mentioned I'm sure had a lot to do with people's "confidence" writing cheques that their ability couldn't cash.....
  19. Re: second that, motion carried

    Im the same, I have lily white hands from always wearing my gloves but my arms are nice n brown :p
  20. every time i see a squid, i DO call out to them, point and laugh at them, or if they are stopped, have a go at them. not to the t-shirt brigade, but definitely to the shorts, singlet, and thongs types.

    yep, its not really my business or right to do so, but i dont really care.
    if i think they are an idiot, i will tell them.
    i guess you just gotta be able to back that shit up ;)