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Learner rider clocked at 148 Km/h

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gridkid, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. Must have been stuck in 6th.....
  2. my Hyo GT250R had my heavy butt doing more than that...ringing its neck :p
  3. oh please. 148km/h. Rookie.

    I remember the day i got nabbed at 155...
  4. OK OK i'll say it then, 'Now that's a FAST learner' lol ok , as you were, sorry to make you spit your coffee out.
    damn phones, back to work :(
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  5. ^^ Boom boom!

    ad91on, how long did you lose your licence for?
  6. Not that I condone a leaner at WOT - but my Learner bike was capable of a touch more than that
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  7. My learner legal gsr400 does 220 flat out. Proven with my fat ass on it.
  8. 12 months in vic (the state it was issued)

    by the time they told their NSW counterparts, it was 9 months.

    Good times...

    And yes, i was (and still am) on my p's. Go me.
  9. So, *theoretically* ;) what's the fastest LAMs bike in terms of top speed? Hyo 650? Ducati Monster?

    Personally I'm all about 'quick' rather than 'fast', as in 0-80 acceleration where you can have a blast without losing your license. So in that regards then, what's the *quickest* LAMs bike?
  10. virago 250
  11. Probably a KTM 300 EXC
  12. I went for a ride with mate from work an he has a BMW 1000 something something from the 80's. Nice bike, but beside the point. I told him, not too fast, I don't wanna get done. As soon as we were out of traffic and suburbia, he let rip, and I had to really chase to keep up. Well, keep up I did, and the couple of times I glanced down I was somewhere between 140 and 150. And once caught myself at 160. It was a blast.
  13. :rofl:
  14. It wasn't me :)
  15. SXV550, hitting rev limiter at over 200 at the creek. Still getting passed.

    That thing is so hard to ride though.
  16. I can't recall anyone beating me off the lights on my DRZ400 - but then they might not have been trying to. I've seen a KTM 300 and an Aprillia SXV 450 pulling off pretty smartly though.
  17. There's a very steep hill on the Bass Hwy at Penguin. He must of been going down it, not up :)
  18. Te610sm/sxv550 are probably the quickest accelerating bikes on lams

    Poor bloke getting caught though.. As everyone on here would realize those speeds and even a bit higher are not exactly hard to do on a bike