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Learner Rider- 1 week on

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Donshe, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. Thought I'd just post up some thoughts and musings a week after I got my L's haha. Nowhere else to voice them.

    Anyway, I got em last Sat, went for a ride out to Windsor with a friend and Cleverlie off here. Thoroughly enjoyed it even though we had a breakdown on the way home. Since then Ive only been out twice, both times practicing starts (I dont want to stall, so getting used to frictino point) and also the lies I should be taking through turns as well as leans. All this on empty roads.

    I was bout to head out into traffic by myself, but my left mirror decides to pop out of the shell !! :(

    Was hoping to ride today, but I doubt the glue would set in time.

    Anyway, thats my riding haha, now I just need to learn how to take care of a 2 stroke bike, its a 1988 bike but has 3500kms on it, but it also hasnt been treated to many warmups before riding, not much in the form of maintainance such as chain lunbrication aside from the occasional fluid changes. Maybe Im just being over cautious/paranoid

    Anyway, I'll be quiet now :p
  2. has ur bike got a 5 digit odometer if so i would say she has clocked over at least once sorry i dont think a bike that old would have that few of k's on it, anyway as long as ur happy with it is all that counts keep up the riding.

    remember practice practice n pratice some more :grin:

    alll the best with it all
  3. 5 digit, owned by my father since new. He's not all too fussed on the 2 stroke maintainance obsession Ive been reading up on though and he's owned quite a few in his time. My only guess is that since its had such little running, it may simply not have had the time to fcuk up.

    And yeah, practice on a day like today is perfect. I probably wont be able to head out into traffic, but I'll go practice on inner roads for sure :grin:
  4. ah ok so u know the history on the bike then thats good, you might just need to get the jets cleaned if its not quite running properly as when a xehicle be it car or bike that is carbs is sitting around a residue builds up inside resticting the fuel flow, also if you haven't had it done yet do a oil chain if the oil has been sitting in it for a while. how much riding have you done so far?
  5. Probably around 50kms. I can only get it out on weekends, or the very rare weekday where I get home from work and have a spare min or 30.

    Oil was low, I topped that up the other day, going to get it into the backyard and do a proper oilchange soon, along with the change. It has no problems when riding, Im just hoping that all the stories of 2 strokes arent gospel and want to be preemptive
  6. ah ok if i was up that way i'd come and go for a lap with you, impart my very basic knowledge :LOL: i was kinda lucky in a way that i was partically pushed into getting my license by my old man even though i had been thinking about getting a bike anyway. But he wanted me to get as many k's under my belt as soon as possible.

    Ask some people in here that are in your area, if they'd go for a ride with you if your anable to get anyone else it seems most are happy to do this
  7. Im up for another ride, im just booked out for the next couple weeks, And mate your doing great, just keep hammering away at it.
  8. Haha its cool mate. I'll get some more riding under my belt first ! But deff up for a ride with you sometime soon !

    QBN- I dont mind goin out myself brother, of course I feel safer in numbers, but my main issue is time from work and other commitments.

    Anyway, just went for a fang this evening without mirrors ! Was good until the bike started dying shortly after I turned the choke backe (Had it on for starting from cold) After I slowed down, the bike would just die no matter how much I tried to keep the revs up or engaging gears. Suddenly I was inspired and turned it to reserve ! Lol, was ok then, hoping that was the cause anyway. I'll check it out in daylight now.

    I think this will now be my thread to talk about my little 1km riding stints, a little kiddies journal of sorts haha
  9. what bike have u got?

    2 strokes in general are easy to maintaine and fix. If u are a little mechanically minded then u should be right. Get urself a copy of the owner and workshop manual. Have a good read and do everything urself.
    I am currently rebuilding my rgv, eay job and for the amount u pay for a minor/major service on a 4 stroke u get alot of new bits and peace of mind.
  10. lol mate just keep plugging away, i know what its like to not have time to ride but thankfully that aint a problem anymore dont have to look for over time now i've qualified
  11. Suzuki RG125 Gamma

    Qbn- I just made time, got home at 3, decided to go for a ride haha. Fun. Chilly but fun
  12. those rg's r weapons my uncle had one many moons ago and my dad bourghed it when his bike was off th road n would pillion my mum on it was constantly on the back wheel

    lol 3.00 damn mate that real keen to get out there but i suppose its better than not at all, also not aot of traffic around so probably actually a ideal time to go for a ride
  13. i don't start work until 6pm, and i pass Blacktown on my way to Parra.
    message me if you're ever up for a ride, i've got a 2-stroke as well so we can paint the town blue.

    don't know too much about maintenance except 2-strokes love engine oil, and unlike 4-strokes which have a designated engine lubricating system the 2-strokes have the oil mixed straight into the petrol (but your father has probably already told you this). warm it up properlyeverytime, they need the occasional blast with the throttle to clean the engine and your spark plugs need a bit of attention to make sure they're not getting clogged up
  14. Can i come! that is if you two go for a ride.
  15. hell-yes.
  16. Can i do insane speed wheelies?
  17. Im kidding by the way, only Reckless hoons do that stuff.
  18. Haha, Cleverlie, you're not welcome. Your bike makes mine look liek a pushie :LOL:

    Loki- Are you up for something this weekend? Or did you mean weekdays.

    I just need to refit my LHS mirror and the bikes sweet.

    I have a fair bit of 2 stroke oil since a customer of our packages for Castrol so I get oil galore lol. The oil filler is a separate hole right next to the fuel hole. I dont know if that means they mix or what.

    I need to pull out my manual to check the coolant, because it seems I need to rip apart a fair bit of the bike to get to the radiator/resevoir.

    Anyway, let me know how you're looking for this weekend, and we'll tee something up.

    Edit- I was just joking Cleverlie, come along, I want to get a wheelie video this time around lol
  19. heh, im going for a 300km ride on the 21st, so the weekend might be out of it for me.

    Wheelie video, I'll have to learn to do wheelies first, not sure how well my 250 does them. :p
  20. Thats cool, Im headin up to the Gold Coast for that week so maybe sometime after.

    250? Since when did you have a 250? :S