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Learner ride in Sydney - 12th March

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Spud Gun, Feb 8, 2005.

  1. I contacted Stay Upright for some post L's instruction, and they charge $110 per hour :shock: for taking a learner on the road, and the first Sunday available is March 6th. Thats a lot of money for a date thats a long way off. Have there been any learner rides in Sydney? They all seem to be in Melbourne. Would any Sydneysiders out there like to get together for a ride soemtime soon?

  2. Hey Spud, I'm in sydney too. Just got my L's back after a long break. Don't have a bike yet, hopefully picking it up next week, but I'd be interested in a bit of a fang about...

    Been down Mona Vale road to the beaches much?
  3. i could be up for it too...
  4. Could be fun.

    An ok practice run for learners in the east suburbs is along the coast sticking to beaches between bondi and bare island (la perouse). Its pretty short (20-30mins), and there's a bit of traffic but you can avoid most of the really busy roads.
  5. I'd be quite happy to join too! But first things first... lemme get my Ls and bike +gear first!
  6. Excellent! The Bondi/La Perouse run sounds good. We could go out further, but probably wise to stay away from roads over the 80KPH restriction. I am not long in Sydney, so I will go wherever is best.
  7. interested

    I have had my learners and a bike about a month now and would be very interested. I may be a little slow but you don't have to wait for me - I am a learner after all. I'm not here this weekend but would love to catch up sometime even if you guys go this weekend as well. It would be kinda nice to talk to other learners as opposed too experienced riders - my boyfriend in particular - who seem to reel off a list of thngs to improve everytime we stop when I'm usually just happy I got where I was going. Sorry for the rant.
    anyway would love to come

    liz :D
  8. Id be interested too... just moved up to sydney and only had my L's for a couple of months. Havent had a chance to do much riding and dont really know anyone to go with. So yeah just give us an idea when and ill be there...
  9. This weekend is out for me too as I am leaving the bike in for a full service tomorrow morning. So I will be keen to do something the following weekend.
  10. Kind of a week late on the reply, but I'd be interested in this too. I dont know any runs though so I'd just have to tag along behind you guys I guess. Can someone post possible dates to keep everyone informed?

    Peace out
  11. Ok, bugger it... I'm free on the 6th next month if anyones up for a ride, I don't really care where we go ( I'll just be following someone anyway ). Hopefully someone can show me a good run... please? :D
  12. Can't do the 6th, but I'm still up for it. 12 and 13th are looking alright at the moment.
  13. ohhh.... just found this post!

    So did all of you meet up yet? or it has been change to 12 or 13 March?

    If all of you still never meet up yet, do any of you like to have a drink/ coffee on Friday Night (4th March) tomorrow?

    Actually I am from Melbourne, came to Sydney visit my friends since 19/2, been nearly 2 weeks, I would like to meet up and have a drink and chat together since I am still in Sydney. I will leave on this Sat night.

    Let's get a Friday Coffee Night in Sydney!!! rather than you guys only read about our Friday Coffee Night in Melb!!

    Anyone interested please PM or MSN me.
    Any suggestion for where we go for drink? I am stay in Strathfeild. But I don't have a bike here, so I will go by public transport.

    How about somewhere near "The Rock"? or ......?

  14. Wow!

    I go onhols for two weeks and find a whole new sub-culture of Sydney Netriders...

    12th of march sounds great to me, I live north of the Bridge, so would prefer a northen run. Something like Mona Vale Road down to the northern beaches, then a picnicn somewhere picturesque, or out to Richmond or Windsor, but I'd be happy to roll Southside as well.

    I really like the Mona Vale rd run though...
  15. I'll come on the next one after this!
  16. 12th march is should also be good. Who wants to go where? Pete wants to go north, what about free lunch? Me, i dont mind, I'm checking out mac pass for the first time this weekend though so that might be good, but might be a bit far south for pete.
  17. good to see some sydneysiders emerging from the woods!! :D

    I should be able to make the 12th as well. I havent been to any of these rides b4, so it'll be a good chance to meet some of yall! 8)

    (im from north of the bridge as well, but dont mind where the ride is at 8) )
  18. Excellent that there are some people keen out there.

    It sounds like we've got people all over Sydney and people at different riding levels, which is cool.

    I've hardly done any riding myself so I don't know if I'm ready for the bridge traffic yet, at least for the next few weeks. Mona Vale Rd would be fun once I get my skills up a bit.

    I've only ridden on the eastside, like watson's bay to bare island and you barely get to 60.
  19. Its good to see the Sydney members getting together for rider enhancement :)
  20. Or is it habit swapping? Are we still up for this on the 12th? I reckon Mona Vale since pete the freak is the only one who has mentioned a run he WANTS to do. I never got to head down to the pass on the weekend, got stuck with the old man on sunday. Quality time. We don't really seem to have many Sydney people on here though.