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Learner Renewel?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Marshy, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. Hey Guys!

    Remember Me???
    Yeah I still have been lurking about here and there.

    Quick Question.

    I need to renew my learners.
    Never sat the P's test as headbutting taxi's wasnt on the skills test.
    Thing is, I thought the learner Permit lasted two years? My permit expired last month (convienently) and I'm looking at a couple of bikes this weekend.

    Can I just go into VicRoads and pay the extension or do I need to resit the entire test?
  2. Similar situation i was in. My bet you'll be sitting the test all over again. Does suck and waste a couple of hundred dollars
  3. From memory the Vic learner permit lasts 15 months... not sure if you can renew or if you have to resit the test though.
  4. Quote from Vicroads website...

    "A motorcycle learner permit can be renewed only once. The permit must be renewed within nine months of the expiry date to avoid re-testing.

    You must hold a learner permit for at least three months in the period immediately before obtaining a motorcycle license... blah blah blah"

    Looks like your in luck Marshy!
  5. Yes it does last 15 months.

    Yes Vic Roads can extend you learner permit. If you go to them and say I need to have a valid LP on XX date so that you can sit your licence test, then you are making doubly sure :D

  6. Awesome!!

    Thanks guys!!

    I only just checked the licence now and found it expired a few weeks ago.

    15 months does sound right as well.

    1 year annerversay of the accident and I held the licence for bout 6 months before that.

    Looks like I'll be tackling taxis again in no time
  7. Hope the bikes are taxi proofed! Welcome back mate, good luck with renewing the L's shouldn't be a hassle but do the P's asap! Hey they gave me them!
  8. Hey Marshy, it's been ages and it's good to hear from you mate.

    Have fun bike hunting!!

    :D :D