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Learner Permit test tomorrow, what else?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by 7Kawasaki, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Finally after 2 weeks of waiting I will be doing my test tomorrow. Hopefully it will goes well and I pass :)
    I've read the handbook about twice and I'll probably review it again tonight.
    Is there anything else I need to know?

    New VIC law changes
    Once I do my P test, if I have a full drivers license, am I still required to show a P plate on my bike? (Couldnt find this answer online...but I guess I will find out upon my P test).

    Also, with these new law changes, Ive been looking for a high visibility jacket. I went to Peter Stevens today to enquire but one of the staff members didn't even know about the law changes lol.
    I've searched online and all I can see is ebay stuff. Since it'll be my first jacket I would really like to test fit before purchase but I don't know which shop I can go? It has to be a certified jacket too....

    If I go AMX or Bikemart etc will they have some? or anyone know where I can buy at a shop?

    Last question, I have my ninja waiting in my garage :)!!!!!! Its stock standard....now with the new law changes I have to have a restricted bike for 3 years (not overly sad about it...guess I can save more money for a better bike in the future). Just wondering if its worth doing any modifications?

    Thank you!!!

  2. You can just get a high viz road workers vest from bunnings or rsea (saftey shop) to throw over your jacket of your choice!
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  4. Hi there seven if you have a full car licence you dont need P plates
    I just got my licence back after many years and I have a full restricted licence and no P's required
    also your high vis jacket needs to have the reflective strips on it ..there is a standard
    AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 High visibility garments
    check Vicroads website>
    PS your cannot modify a LAMS Bike for more power
  5. Hi guys,

    Thanks for your info. I guess a vest is the way to go :bag:
  6. I reckon you should get a Hi Viz vest that zips up. If you get one with just Velcro, then it will never stay done up, and hence flap around in the breeze, often giving you the shits. (well, it did me)
  7. ^Yeah good idea...was thinking it wouldve had to be a tight fit or itll flap around.
    Anyone know any actual shops in Melb CBD / Metro area?
    I really dont want to buy from eBay and have to wait for it to be able to ride!
  8. Saftey shops like rsea etc
  9. Ok thanks going to google it now.
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  11. Glad I could help... Remember, don't spend much as you shouldn't need it for long.
    Unless you end up wanting to continue with it.. :troll:
  12. :troll: hahaha

    One the website you gave me, theres one for $20 that is for day and night so I guess I'll go for that one.
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  13. Just make sure, when you go into the store, that it's got the "AS/NZS 4602.1:2011" label on it.
  14. I got my hi viz from Bunnings for about $8. It meets the standards listed but it is a velcro and does fly open at high speeds. Which is kind of fun. Also, the smallest size they stock (and for that matter even the work wear safety shops) is large. Which I'm not. But as ugly as it is, it's only temporary.
  15. Mate bung aftermarket exhaust in, no more power but sounds soon much better. See other threads for info... :)
  16. Just a heads up, even the cheap zippered vests come undone above 80kph???
  17. good luck with test remember to enjoy it and you will be fine :]
  18. I bought a cheap velcroed vest with the stripes and such from Bunnings, noticed it flying open on my first couple rides. I sewed in a couple press studs from spotlight to replace the velcro and now it never comes apart while riding. Good luck with your test, it surprised me how easy it was when I just relaxed and let myself do it naturally. Riding a motorcycle is so similar to riding a bicycle it's not funny. Smooth movements on everything is key, throttle, clutch, brake, and bars if you unsettle the bike by snapping controls off to on or lock to lock you're going to have a bad time.

    Also, where in Victoria are you out of interest?
  19. So went for the test today...and FAILED :'(:'(:'(

    So 2 out of 6 failed (including myself) the other guy had no prior experience as well. The other 4 all had been on dirt bikes. Is it that much of a difference? I was seriously struggling sometimes I don't know why...I felt sometimes that the instructor was rushing abit...

    Initial practice runs I had trouble turning in between the lines...but in the actual test I failed the one where you ride very slow and have to keep your balance. First time I had to put my feet down and 2nd time my time was 9.25 (need more than 10 to pass).

    Everyone that talks about the whole learner permit being so easy. Should I be put off by this? I really wanted to ride but now I feel I'm just not talented enough for it.

    They told me to call back tomorrow to book a private session for 1 hour which includes doing the remainder of my 2 tests. I guess I can practice balance inn my car park ....