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Learner permit questions: What do they ask you to do...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by David92115, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. what do they get you to do when getting learners license.. do you just go around orange cones or something?

    im just curious cause im going to go for mine very soon... im in penrith area if that makes a difference.

  2. Re: What do they ask you to do in the...

    You'll do a classroom session, then sit on the bikes and find all the switches, levers etc.
    Then you'll push each other up and down for a while with the engines off.
    Then you'll start them up, find the friction point and go up and back for a while.
    By the end of it you'll be riding round in big circles, displaying proper technique and roadcraft. Indicating, head-checks, merging, stop-starting etc...
    And if you haven't fallen off or otherwise been sent home, you'll get a ticket you can take to the RTA.
    Hand in the ticket, pass the computer knowledge test and you're a Learner.
  3. Re: What do they ask you to do in the...

    wow that was fast reply, thanks for replying. if anyone has anything else to add please post
  4. Re: What do they ask you to do in the...

    Good luck David ... but this is just the beginning of many years - a lifetime - of riding, learning and improving.

    Next thing to think about is your plans for riding and the opportunities you will have to build your skills and experience in a way that does not over-extend your abilities. Who can help you in your development as a rider - someone you can model your riding on? Who is going to give you feedback as you progress?

    For example, I have a mate who is a traffic cop down here in Melb. Accomplished rider, very disciplined. Lots of little aspects of his riding style have rubbed off on mine through discussion and sharing of ideas. Other people have influenced my thinking about riding through little comments - even one liners - that get you thinking about your riding in a whole different way. Friends at work have encouraged me by lending me videos (TOTW) and discussing gear, servicing, accessories. Even failing my licence test last year taught me alot by opening my eyes and getting my skill level right back into perspective. And then of course you will read some absolutely amazing advice on NR from some of the really excellent riders who are members here.

    Practical opportunities for skill development could include commuting (as long as this is not over-stretching your abilities), weekend rides / touring, learner practice sessions, professional training, off street practice that you set for yourself (maybe after discussing with a mentor or instructor) .... and the list goes on.

    Have you given this any thought, and do any of these ideas appeal?

  5. Re: What do they ask you to do in the...

    when i get my bike and license first thing id go is to a empty car-park or somewhere and just practice cornering and braking etc and as for feedback both of my uncles ride motorcycles so i guess i could ask them for advice and feedback also this forum is flooded with helpful threads too.
  6. Re: What do they ask you to do in the...


    Sounds like you're on the right track. Good luck with the licence test :)