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learner permit question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by jo1985, May 18, 2010.

  1. hey I would be very grateful if someone could tell me what is the best way to get practice and experience after getting a learners permit. I don't own a bike and i don't know of anyone that does . If i bought a bike would I be able to hit the streets alone or do i need someone riding besides me?I apologize if these questions are stupid.

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  3. no worries. I'm from melbourne
  4. Gday mate. In Victoria once you get your learners permit you are free to hit the roads yourself.
    There is a saturday morning learners practice session that some of the guys off here run, I have never been as it clashes with work, but by all accounts its great so you should check it out if you get the chance.
  5. Thanks for the reply
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  7. thanks for the link. Ill give it a read. I think i got confused cause i just moved from perth and im pretty sure there motorcycle license system is different
  8. I got my bike 3 months after getting my learners permit. Prior to the test I had hardly sat and ridden a bike. Do the 2 day learner course to give yourself more exposure to a motorbike and learning how to ride. Yes once you buy the bike you can hit the streets right away alone and don't need anyone riding besides you.

    First off start riding in your immediate block then suburb then other suburbs and eventually you will broaden your horizon and be able to ride everywhere.

    Good luck buddy.
  9. Hi jo'85 & welcome!!! :D

    If you've got your Learners already but no bike then a few training centres offer courses and/or private training sessions which include a bike eg. Stay Upright, HART, Deca where you can get some additional experience.

    Once you have a bike then you are able to put up your hand for some mentoring/guidance on the road from very experienced riders here on Netrider who ride along with you - see the Mentoring thread - and also attend the Saturday morning learners session.

    There's heaps and heaps of brilliant info here on the forum for newbies ... well worth your while checking it all out.

  10. Hi, I have completed drivers ed. Do i need to do behind the wheel training before i get my permit or after i get my permit? I live in California. Thanks!
  11. Hey mate. This is an Aussie forum ,so there will be a bit of difficulty with specific advice.

    Here's a link for what you need to do to get your license

    If you get on a forum with more American's on it you can get more specific advice. GSTwins is a good one, they'll be able to give you help.

    Other than that it will be generic help. "Ride like everyone is trying to kill you", "ATGATT", "other copy paste shit I saw in another thread"

    Wait, just looked at another post. You're 14? Push bike kid.
  12. Thinking maybe you should ask people in your own country as the american diver ed system is weird and confussing to us
  13. Fair shake of the sauce bottle, ken. Doesn't seem right that an American system could be weird or confusing.

    Well not counting Microsoft.

    Um... Well Microsoft and gun laws.

    OK ...Microsoft, gun laws and presidential electoral system.

    Microsoft, gun laws, presidential electoral system, non-metric measurements... did I mention spelling and grammar? The way they put the month before the day in dates.....
  14. Haha, guy's a bit confused.

    But anyway, I did go through a California motorcycle licensing scheme, but that was like 18 year ago. At that time, it was written test at DMV (general road rules and motorcycle specific test sheet as well), then go do a course at MSF (4 days), then you get your license.

    Call up DMV find out what's the latest scheme is dude. (though if anyone's worse than VicRoads, it's the California DMV -- who knows whether they'll give the right answer or not).
  15. I want to slap you. You should know aussies spank the bottle until it bleeeeds