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VIC Learner Permit Has expired. Now I have to complete the TEST AGAIN? WHAT!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Hartski, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. OK,

    So being self employed in the film industry for the last six years, and the last 12 of those being the hardest circumstances to hit our industry in more than 20 years, I had more things to consider spending my money on than going for my opens. ( like paying rent, food etc borring staying alive type stuff)

    So now im back in the work saddle and with a bright future ahead, i am ready to go for my Opens. however, I have just discovered that My license has expired. And apparantly I cant renew it, I HAVE TO DO THE ENTIRE TEST AGAIN AND PAY THE FULL FEE!!! SERIOUSLY WHAT THE ABSOLUTE F*CK!


    And i Quote from Vic Roads.

    Motorcycle learner permits
    A motorcycle learner permit is issued for fifteen months and cannot be renewed. If you wish to have a new motorcycle learner permit issued you must complete a motorcycle learner permit test and pay all relevant fees.

    This Has to be one of the most retarded things i have ever come across. I am a highly competent rider, have been riding dirt bikes since i was 12 and can keep up with much larger bikes thru the twistys on my LAMS BIKE!

    Is there any way to get around this?

    Sincerely annoyed,

    Expired Learner.
  2. No way around this unfortunately.
    You have to keep your learners for at least 3 months before you can go for a license test then you have 12 months to get it done...

    It's the same law for everyone...
    I find it strange if you didn't know this?
  3. Tough luck mate, do the test again, you'll also have to wait the 3 months before going for your P's and 12 months after that before being on your open license.
  4. I was in no rush to go for my opens, I couldnt afford the $250.

    The fact i have to pay another $250 at least for my L's and then wait another 3 months, to me seems like the system gone mad. Pretty silly dont you think?

    I dont understand why you cant renew your L's at least once or twice. Apart from creating return business to the schools, i do not understand why.....
  5. I think the idea is that they have no way of knowing if you have ridden during those 12 months and what previous riding experience you have. If you're a novice rider and you haven't ridden for 12 months, your skill levels would pretty much be back to square one. Which is why they make you resit the test.
  6. Pre lams you used to be able to renew/extend your learners at no cost for an additional 15 months bringing the total time you could stay on your learners to 30 months. Unfortunately this is not the case anymore.
  7. imo you're just having a sook because you copped the short of end of the stick.

    do it again, get your license this time
  8. It’s the same here in NSW in that you have to do the pre-learner rider training and get your L’s license again.
    From what I can tell from your post though, it is slightly different in that you don’t have to wait for 3 months the second time around. Provided you’ve held an L’s permit previously, you can sit almost immediately for the P’s tests (M.O.S.T. & Knowledge tests)
    I’ve just been through the same thing myself (let the learners expire due to some health issues, so had to re-do the pre-learner training and get L’s again)
    Also, it only costs around $140 all up to do it each time (pre=learner training, Knowledge Test & License fee)
  9. Nah I'm pretty sure we have to wait the 3 months again.
  10. Wasnt an option to go for my opens. Did you read that part or should i say it again? Do you think I am proud of this fact? Do you think I enjoyed NOT being able to do it?

    Going for your opens involves a practical test, to my understanding one that is stricter than the Learners, if you fail it, come back another day type of thing. Not start again like getting your L's. so the whole 'no idea how much experience you have had while on your L's' argument is some what flawed. Its almost like I am being punished for spending to long on a smaller bike. If i had been in a rush ( i had the money for the first few months of my L's) I could be riding a GSXR tomorrow, not that I would, but it seems silly Logic that because i took it slow, I am being punished and forced to go slower.
  11. wasn't really pinning the failings of the scheme on you. it's just one of those things where you're banging your head against a wall if you don't like it
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    Actually in vic license test is similar to l's and I'd say easier. Its all day, you practise test and if you fail they give you another go for a small fee. I know its wrong but many get their l's then three months later go and pass thier license without riding at all. Thats the part off the system thats all wrong.
  13. In Vic, I don't think you HAVE to do the training. I think you can just resit the test if you prefer. The providers don't recommend it (better pass rate, and more cash for them if you retrain), but I don't think there's anything in the law that says you have to retrain.

    It might be a cheaper option for you.
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    The retest (on the same day) is often free.
  15. It's not your "opens" that you're going for, it's your P's that you will still be on learner restrictions for. It's only after 12 months that your motorcycle license becomes 'open' by definition.
    Stop sooking, suck it up and pay the extra few hundred dollars.
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    Not always . At my learners, some failed and had to pay $ 40 for retest. At license, only one failed but was given extra go free. Luck of the draw it seems.
  17. Sorry mate, it sucks to be you, BUT you didn't take it slow, YOU STOPPED!!!

    And that means you have to start again..

  18. It's a pain in the arse but it is what it is...you forgot...

    Seriously they have to draw a line somewhere...12 months plus is more than reasonable, if you are as competent as you say are you you'll shit it a re-test anyway.
  19. Has someone hacked your account Kernal, is this really you?

    They are the two most sensible things you have said on Netrider =D>

    Keep it up :D
  20. Hartski,

    Couple of suggestions:
    - have a thorough read of VicRoads site
    - check with accredited providers.

    Some providers will let you just sit the test without doing the whole course (eg. I believe Ridetek does).

    Fees for Motorcycle Permit (from VicRoads):
    - Permit fee: $20.30
    - Knowledge test: $19.90
    - Hazard Perception test: $15.20 if applicable
    - Rider skills test: determined by the provider (variable)

    VicRoads mentions there are circumstances where the mandatory 3 mth L period can be waived by the provider so go straight to P's or Full restricted (if already have car license) ... appears to involve doing a course.

    Not sure what you mean by your opens ... first 12 mths of licence (full or probationary) is subject to Lams restrictions, time on L's not included as it's a permit not a licence.

    So you might be able to just sit test, might be able to get that 3mth mandatory period waived, but you'll still be subject to Lams for first 12 mths of licence.

    By the way, in Victoria the licence test (only a short practical test) is much easier than learner permit test.

    Agree that it's odd the motorcycle permit can't be extended for a small charge if needs be, same as car ... but equally find it odd that car learner permits last 10 years and if seeking to renew it up to 5 yrs from permit expiry only need to pay permit fee of $20.30.