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Learner Permit........and Loving it !!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Tomo201070, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. G'Day all,

    Got my Learner Permit today and am now scouring the net for my first 250cc. 36 years old and never been on a bike before... methinks I need a lot of practice!!

    It's not a mide life crisis.... it's a crisis to live!!

    I'm looking forward to getting out there, having fun and getting the much needed practice. It'll be even better when I've got the full licence and a bigger bike in about 18 months and I can take the wifey away.

    It'll be like dating again but knowing that I'll get lucky at the end of the day!!

    I'm looking forward to hearing from anyone and everyone !!


  2. Mike, congrats. and welcome to mid-life crisis... :LOL:
  3. Gday Mike, Tim here, I just booked my pre-provisional test today, for Nov 18th and if I pass that I'll be straight onto an unrestricted license. (I'm 32, "mature-aged" they call it!)

    Haven't bought wheels yet, but at least when I pass my test I'll have a good deal more bikes to choose from, and bike shops will be a lot more forthcoming when asking to test-ride!
  4. Thanks for the messages, guys.


    Does this mean that you're allowed to ride a bike in excess of 250cc once you pass your pre-provisional? I'm probably showing my ignorance here, but I was under the impression that one had to wait 3 months after getting ones Learner Permit before taking the motorcycle test, whilst showing that you've been "practising" since having got your Learners Permit.

    Upon passing the bike test, as a pre-existing Car Licence owner, the only exemption I would have is that I would be able to ride without "P" plates on, but still restricted to a 250cc. I'm assuming this is to somewhat alleviate the risk of a newbie bike rider getting a huge machine and then wrapping themselves around a tree :grin:

    Is this only in Victoria, or have I totally misunderstood what you're telling me? :?:
  5. Hi Tomo,

    Welcome to an awesome world of fun :)
  6. Actually I'm not sure about Vic rules... But in NSW if you're over 30 you can do your pre learners (pass it, then get your L's), and then book your pre-provisional the next day, pass that and move straight onto opens. Meaning unrestricted bike, everything. No pillion for 12 months though.

    Mind you, I'm pretty inexperienced myself, so I won't be buying anything over 650cc's anyway.
  7. Welcome Mike. Hope you enjoy as much as the rest of us.
  8. Welcome and congrats on getting your Ls.

    The rules here in Victoria are annoying different than everywhere else.

    I am assuming you have a full car licence as I do:

    You get Ls
    You are restricted to anything smaller than 260cc
    You have to have your Ls for a minimum of 3 months.
    You can then go and pass your P's.
    Once obtained you are now "Fully licenced" BUT, you will not have to display a P Plate, however you are still limited to 260cc or below for first 12 months. Once 12 months ticks over, you are able to ride anything you desire.
  9. Welcome and congrats on getting your Ls Tomo201070. :grin:
  10. Welcome Mate. Similar story to me, I started at 34. Only time I had been on a bike before was when I was 17 as a pillion on a trail bike through the scrub. Got thrown and it scared the shit out of me. When I was 10 I saw a rider get his head splattered all over the road after a car pulled out in front of him and he face planted into a gutter. Swore off bikes forever.

    Then at 34 I had a whole lot of leave from work, finished off my Pilot's licence and woke up one morning thinking "Right, what else can I get a licence for?....BIKES!!!". Had my L plates and a VTR250 within a week.

    Now the only thing I do outside of work is bike-related. Even at work, I have pictures up of my bike next to the aircraft I used to fly. I often hop on the bike at lunch for a quick blat even if it is through Sydney traffic just to clear the head.

    I know you will enjoy the riding but the only thing I can provide as advice is if you start going on group rides, don't fall into the trap of trying to go too hard too early or keeping up with the group. If your riding mates are really "mates" they won't mind if you go slower and they have to wait for you 20km up the road. There may even be some considerate riders who will look after you as an L plater by keeping the tailgating asshole cagers off your back.

    At 36 you probably have a more conservative head on your shoulders than if you started riding at 17 but it is still very easy to get caught out.
  11. Hi and welcome. Congratulations on your lerners. This will open up a whole new world for you :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Have fun and stay safe.
  12. Never too late to start Mike. :cool:
  13. Mike,I can relate to that one.
    Welcome, see yuo on the road.
  14. I think you'll find this board full of mid life crisisees!
    I have the same story to you and many above, first time on a bike at 35 etc.
    Have fun!

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Yay, Mike, welcome to Netrider and welcome the ride!!!
  16. I now have the obligatory 250cc Virago (Yamaharley :rofl: ) and have been out on it nearly every day since I got it..... about 4 weeks now! :cool:

    Getting used to the roads and other road users whilst on the bike has been an education..... I can't believe how impatient some car drivers can be, when you're sat at the lights and trying to make sure that you're in the correct gear to pull-away and they're 'honking' at ya! I don't do that very often now, but initially I recall having to get off the bike one time and having a quiet word :furious: with the 'hoon' :driver: behind me, listening to his 'duff-duff' :music: sound system and casually tooting his horn at me!

    I'll paint a little picture.... I'm 6ft, shaved head, earing, 120kilos of relaxed muscle :LOL: and this little git was about the size of my 7 year old boy.... suffice to say he aplogised and said that his hand slipped on the steering wheel and hit the horn :jerk: !

    I'm not advocating violence :blackeye: and never will.... but the ability to scare someone does come in handy every now and then :demon: !!

    Does anyone live around Berwick and fancy going out for a relaxed trip around the Dandenongs with a relatively inexperienced L-plater :newb: ? Nothing too strenuous but will give me the ability to find out what it's like to ride with someone else and chat about any ways in which I can improve!
  17. Hi Mike, congrat's on making a brilliant purchase ;) You must definitely join the V squad!!!

    And Berwick? Why, you're practically a Gippslander.. :LOL: .quite a few of us get out for rides - (I totally recommend you join us - I'm a learner who's learnt quite a lot from the occasional group ride) - keep your eyes open on this website for any upcoming ones.

  18. Thanks Rosie, and so how does one join the V squad and would the initiation process be painful :LOL:

    I look forward to seeing any rides that I can come along on, I don't really need an excuse to get out the bike.....but they always help!!
  19. Welcome and congrats Mike, see you out there.