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Learner on a very tight budget, what bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Rallye, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. Ive been a long lurker on these forum but recently I have started seeking a bike so Ive decided to start posting.

    My budget is $2500, no more no less

    I just want a reliable, quick and good looking bike. Any suggestions?

    bikes Ive considered:

    Honda NSR-150SP
    Decent looking
    Doesnt sound that bad

    Kick start (winter days)
    Taiwanese made (not sure is a con but Id rather a jap made bike)
    2 stroke: maintence is terrible

    Honda CBR-125RR
    Looks like a 1000RR
    Reliable 4 stroke
    Aftermarket support is better than the NSR

    God awful sound that can be mistaken for a moped
    Skinny tires which look weak

    Honda CBR-250R
    Looks like a 250RR
    4 cylinder
    Decent performance

    Not a 250RR sadly
    Older bike may mean more maintence
  2. honda vt250 spada
    honda cb250
    yamaha fzr250

    your better off looking at an older 250 (minimum) capacity. as anything under you will flog to death trying to do the speed limit, smaller bikes are great in developing nations. but arent made for our roads and speed limits.

    the older 250's are relaible as there is little to go wrong with them. theres almost no-electrics and they most likely havent been flogged to death (unless its a sport replica). these bikes were built to be bulletproof.
  3. Actually this is a blessing in disguise. You become compelled to get involved with care and maintenance, and this sets you up well for bigger better bikes in the future.

    I have been on a 2001 CB250 for two years and absolutely love it. I have started adding some mods and feel really confident working on my CB1100 because of it.
  4. Are you considering what there bikes are like to ride or just what they look like?

    I don't think you'll be able to find a good example of any of the "sports" LAMS bikes like a CBR250R for under 2.5k.

    Have you factored in insurance, and trasnfer or rego costs into that figure?

    For that price your best bet might be a Honda Spada or a Kawasaki GPX250.
  5. Probably better to wait a bit more,otherwise a bike that cheap will have some kind of maintenance issues which mean $.Not much change after stamp duty transfer fees etc,maybe rego too,happy hunting
  6. if your a learner the nsr is not a lams so its a no go for you

    and isnt there like a 100 theads on iam broke what bike for me as a learner or iam short what bike for me as a learner?
  7. agreed with middle child...older bikes much like older cars are easier to work with and compell's you to get to know and fine tune your own bike....which is prob a better thing long term...
  8. +1 GPX250. A lot of bike for the money asked. You'll get a much better example of a GPX than you will of the more "Sportier" bikes. Engines are bulletproof, design is well proven and there's boatloads around; more spare parts, more competitive pricing.
  9. Edit: not for sale yet...
  10. I'm currently learning on a '99 CB250. Ok, does nothing for the ego but at this stage I really don't care. I keep reminding myself that this bike is setting me up to handle a bigger bike when I can.

    You'll pick up a reliable CB250 for around 2G's, cheaper if yer lucky. Don't go for looks just yet coz you'll look the right fool when it tips coz you haven't put the kickstand completely down! At least with an older bike you can develop the habits that will ensure a more expensive bike survives a bit longer!

    Anyway, you're not going to look super cool no matter what you ride...as long as that stinking big yellow 'L' plate sits on the back!!
  11. and there are other bike manufacturers... Honda aren't the only one.

    ps. I hate honda :p :D
  12. Best option for the budget is definitely a GPX250. Get one in half decent condition and you'll be laughing. I bought my GPX for 1800 and after 10,000kms of riding I sold it for a profit. Cons? They don't look very sporty. Pros? Everything else.

    Don't buy the Hondas you've suggested.

    CBR125 - Gutless scooter
    CBR250R - Good in it's day but expensive as hell for what are now, rough old dogs
    NSR150 - Pretty cool 2 smoker but I would never want one for my first bike due to the maintenance required on a cheap one.

    There are plenty of options out there but ya can't go wrong with a GPX250 as long as it has a strong engine.
  13. You want my opinion?

    Buy my friggin across off me.

    $1500 and it's yours. Rides me everywhere everyday everytime. Put new oil, oil filter, chain lubed, cleaned air filter, adjusted chain tension tonight. New pads 1000km ago. Never let me down.

    Alternatively, if you want dirt cheap and brand new, sachs and CF moto or some crap do bikes around $2500 new. friend of mine recently bought one, sounds like a kettle but it's a motorbike. I started on a sachs and it was fine. POS sure but fine.

    Buy the across... (whispers into ear) buy the across...
  14. +1 Across.
  15. I was going to say Across as well - even before I saw ad91on's post.

    $1500 for the bike leaves a nice little budget for some riding gear.

  16. +1 across
  17. Yeah, a reliable across for $1500 is good as it leaves you plenty for insurance, rego, tax, and some gear.

    And it should be a fun little bike.
  18. If I had to choose a bike from the above then I would choose the Honda NSR-150S every time...........................and I mean every time. The joys of riding a simple two stroke is unbeatable, plus you could give some unsuspecting bigger non LAMS bike a freight in the twisties.
  19. Very tempted man.

    The helmet storage area is really good!

    PM me pics and info please :)