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Learner/New Rider Prac [Vic]

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Nightowl, Jul 25, 2010.

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    A quick vid showing some of the things we do at the Saturday morning learner/new rider practice sessions.

    The video can be found [URL="]here [/URL](youtube).


  2. Audio swapped ... link fixed.
  3. Good vid!

    Laughed when you guys got pulled for a RBT but then waved though!

    Fun Ha!
  4. Nice video!

    Good to see that the police thought you were important enough to make you turn off so the really polite policeman could wave hello. What a nice bloke!

    And FFS! How easy is your cone weave compared to ours here in NSW.
    I am moving to Melbourne... hang on Ken Lay is there isnt he. Bugger that idea.
  5. That was actually our slow-speed straight line test.
    But we were all a bit pissed.
  6. ROFL =D>
  7. Nice vid nightowl.
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    Thanks guys!!! :grin:

    We were let through only because Hawklord batted his long eyelashes at them!

    They were pulling riders in for a road safety chat & to give them a little leaflet, we'd already met a couple of those safety officers up the road a few minutes earlier.


    But he has been known to ride pillion. Am sure he'd be pleased to help you with the chorus to That was actually our slow-speed straight line test.
    But we were all a bit pissed.[/QUOTE]

    TRUE!!! :D

    Course usually looks like this ...

    Attached Files:

  9. Don't know if my memory's going but I don't remember any cone weaving in either the Learner or License test in VIC.

    Cone weaving is practiced throughout the day courses but not tested in the actual test itself.

    Links below have VIC test animations.
    Learner Test Maneuvers
    License Test Maneuvers

    And don't you dare do any of that at 30kph or more as you'll lose points and need to do that particular part again.
    VicRoads only need to see you can ride at 25-30kph.... What a f&ckin joke!
  10. All the more reason for learners/new riders to get down to Sat [Vic] or Homebush [NSW] practice sessions :D ... heaps to learn from our far more experienced riders and great opportunity to practice.

    The license prep & testing doesn't have any on-road component. Personally I think it would be helpful if it did comprise say around half being slow manouvres (control) off road/carpark and the other half of assessment being onroad - think the UK does that. Then again, there's also courses for filtering in the UK.

    Anyhoo ... we do get weaving, e-stop, slow manouvring, on-road etc practice via N/R sessions on a regular basis. (y)
  11. Myself and Sandra can't wait to get down there and join the fun, will probably see you guys next week :)
  12. ^^^ Great!!! (y)

    Looking forward to seeing you both there (providing I'm not workin 8-[ ).

    But Hawklord who leads the Sat learners prac is always there on time ... that is unless (I'm guessing) it snows.

    Ride safe!

  13. I'll be there.
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    I am a bit late to the party but here you go:

    And thanks for the vid comment :D
  15. Thanks, GnomeOomps!

    Your test in NSW is quite different to the one here in Vic ... was hoping to see some pics/vid of your learner's prac (cone weave etc) at Homebush sometime when you get a chance. :D


  16. this will show it in video

  17. Thanks, Goz ...

    hmmm, maybe I wasn't being very clear, was meaning seeing some of our fellow Sydney Netriders in action at your free practice sessions if have the time & inclination at some stage to have some fun filming (& not camera shy), like the free casual get-togethers here in Melb posted up in short clip on this thread.

    GnomeOomps seems pretty handy with a camera & was clearly having fun (y) on what looked like one of the learner rides, thought it'd be good to see some more of our Sydney counterparts. :D

    The link you posted looks like it's for paid course through WSDRT. I thought the Homebush sessions were the free, fun, casual get-togethers similar to those here in Melb ... unless the Homebush sessions and the link you gave are one & the same? Didn't look like it was, but if it is - apologies - my mistake.

  18. I might be able to get ye'ole camera out on the weekend for all to see my dropping my bike.
    The Sydney learners course is broken up into 5 different things, and doesnt seem to follow the same setup that they will test you on in the MOST exam. In saying that all your really doing is stitching them all together how they want it.
  19. No pressure, just when you (&/or others) feel like it ... and if anything like me, when you remember to turn your camera on! :rofl:

    :eek: Your camera's not that heavy is it???
  20. Nah, nothing like that. I just sometimes see a dollar coin on the ground mid cone turn and decide to try and pick it up with my shoulder... :-s

    I bought a new kodak hd camera to try out on the weekend, plus a new mount. I also have the one in my helmet, so we shall see how many different angles I can get :D