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VIC Learner needing freebies

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by seriouslamb, Feb 23, 2016.

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  1. Hi guys, I have a friend and she's getting her learners. She spent all her money on the bike and she doesn't really have any gear that fits her. At the moment, she's just using my gear but it's a bit too big for her. If anyone is generous enough, please help out. I've already bought her a helmet. She's a pretty small girl. Thanks heaps ladies and gents.

  2. I have an aldi jacket she can have
    I bought it for Angie but doesn't want to ride
    might have some small gloves too
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    Would Medium fit her? ChristinekChristinek has a pair of Aldi torque jeans free to a good home. She's in NSW but maybe could come to some arrangement re postage. Doh just saw you said "pretty small girl". Sorry.

    Perhaps if she joined Netrider & intro'd herself it might help.

    Uncle GregUncle Greg what Angie doesn't want to ride? Err... :(
  4. motor cycles
  5. That's what I meant. Well I'll be hornswoggled. She seems a nice lady anyway.
  6. that's what people say
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    Yeah i'm gonna get her to make an account now

    She's making one now. I think the medium pants might be a bit too big for her. But I think the jacket should be alright

    Oh and the gloves should be perfect too
  8. Hey guys!

    Thanks so much (and in advance) for the generosity; really appreciate it. And yes, I will most likely will fit size small items since I'm pretty petite
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  9. I know a couple of girls that ride so i can ask them over the next few days if they have any gear to part. Thats all i can do for now
  10. Hi nhanbreadnhanbread and welcome to NR. Double dilemma for you I'm afraid. Being petite I can tell you it's hard enough to find gear to fit in stores, let alone cheap or free, which means I wear all my gear that has been painstakingly sourced, saved for and bought over the course of my first year of riding. I have nothing to part with as it all gets used almost on a daily basis depending on weather, I'm sorry. Try ebay for as I managed to find my first pair of boots for $50. I'll keep you in mind if I do splash out on a want, rather than a need which would free something up. :happy: Happy riding!
  11. Welcome to NR nhanbreadnhanbread. Good luck & no track days yet O.K.?
  12. Hope all goes well for you..

    Don't forget to come down to the Saturday practice sessions
  13. If the interweb is anything to go by, all she needs is a helmet & bikini!
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  14. yeah if you're small these jeans would drown you :D
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    where do you live?
  16. I'm from the west side of Melbourne if thats what you're asking :)
  17. yep
    would you like to try the jacket and gloves?
  18. yeah that would be great! can you PM me? I'm still trying to get use to using this site and I'm not sure where everything is at the moment
  19. ill do it tonight
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