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Learner looking to meet other learners

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by TuviReb, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Hey guys names Tuvi just got my learners and bike last week..a bit bored coz i dont know anyone who rides a motorcycle
    and its kinda lonely ](*,) lol

    anyways im 20yo live in Bentleigh East, I ride a 2011 hyosung gt250r

    Anyone in the area or even if not wanna meet up go for a cruise or sumthin?
    usually im free on tues+thur+sat+sun morning-noon

    if anyone is interested let me know :)

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  3. Which part, the filtering part?
  4. It's not WHAT you ride but THAT you ride. (small scooters excluded)
    the scooters part lol
  5. Hahaha, glad someone appreciates it (y)
    I thought up of it all by myself, too! :)
  6. Thought of it all by yourself? This part concerns me ;)

    Hey Reb, Welcome to NR (I ride same hyo as you :D) be sure to head down sat, best way to meet up with other learners, develop skills, and enjoy a social atmosphere... Check out the sat learners ride link, we meet up at DR jekllys prior to the session for coffee and brekkie.
  7. Welcome to NR. Catch you on Saturday.
  8. Welcome to NR, seems a few Hyo's turning up sat mornings now.
  9. haha yeh its a good bike for a tall learner
    couldnt sit on a ninja just too small for me XD

    yeh its gonna be a bit weird for me not knowin anyone but alright ill come to DR jekllys..what time u meet up there?

    thanks :)
  10. 9am seems to be the general consesus atm...stay tuned on the learner thread for changes in time....
  11. Love my hyo too :D
    I thought it'd be a bit awkward in my first session last week, but everyone was super nice and I ended up having a great time.
    I didn't go to DJ's last week, but I'll be there this time :D
  12. sick bro sounds good :)