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Learner Licenses

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by serafina, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. Hi!
    I'm a bit confused about the Learner Licensing system...clearly i'm thick. Can someone just clarify?


    In Queensland on a learner license do you need a person with an Open license riding pillion with you? Or is it the same as NSW???


  2. I think in QLD it's have a full licensed pillion or accompanied by another bike with full license.

    Not the same as NSW.
  3. Hi Serafina.
    In NSW ,you get your L's by doing the L's rider course it's $68 ring the RTA and book.
    Then after you do the L's rider traing course ..
    2 days at 3.5 hour each day ,they give you a piece of paper and you take that to the RTA and do a computer road rules test .
    Then you can ride by your self ,no other person needed ,just your L plate on the back of the bike and your not to carry a pillion and go faster then 80 kph.
  4. thanks sleddog.

    can anyone give me an idea of the queensland system now?
  5. okay never mind...i've figured it out.

    queenslands motorbike licensing system is a bit confusing with all the q-ride etc:

    got it figured now.
  6. hey sera,
    go the q ride. much easier and quicker.
    just did mine on sat. cost a bit more but you get good track time and teaching. i went toprider, Bernie Hatten. good bloke.
    cheers clint
  7. lol - sleddog got cut!