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VIC Learner License restrictions while interstate

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Peppy, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. Hey all,

    As per the title, I hold a Victorian Learners motorcycle permit. I'm travelling to South Australia around Easter on the bike. I want to find out the following:

    + Is there an 80kmh limit on learner Motorcyclists even if they hold a full drivers license?

    + While I'm there, will I also be subject to this restriction?

    sa.gov.au isn't the most user friendly site (or I'm just bad at the internet) so I'm having trouble finding this answer. Even a link to the appropriate webpage so I can do some reading would be helpful.

  2. The limits on your Victorian licence apply.
  3. Aaactually I'm not sure if that's true for L platers so maybe just ignore me.
  4. I think the general rule of thumb is you stick to the rules of the road where you are, unless your license restriction is worse (eg, here in QLD the learner can do the speed limit, so if you came from say NSW with a 80kph limit, it would also apply here. On the flip of that going from QLD to NSW you would also be restricted to 80).

    http://www.sa.gov.au/subject/Transport, travel and motoring/Motoring/Interstate and international motorists/Motorists from interstate/Driving with an interstate licence
    Basically that implies you need to check SA learner restrictions, and as i waffled on about above, if they are restricting you in a worse way than your VIC license, you have to abide.
  5. You are limited to 100 kph or the posted limit ,whichever is the lesser in SA on a bike L.
  6. As taken directly from the transport sa website


    If you are temporarily visiting South Australia you may drive using your interstate driver’s licence. You must adhere to all conditions your licence/permit is issued under in your state, as well as the conditions applicable in South Australia.

    Therefore if you are limited to 80kph in your state you are in SA too
  7. I beg to differ Devil, you are governed by the rules of the state in which you drive. If the OP is any doubt he should walk into a transport office when he first arrives in SA for clarification.
  8. Don't come to QLD as a Learner by yourself otherwise you can't ride. You must have an experienced rider with you.

    Sorry for the slightly off topic post.
  9. You can differ opinion all you want mcsenna what i quoted was directly from transport sa. Their rules not mine
  10. It's a matter of interpretation, that's why i suggest he asks the appropriate authority, the way I see it that the speed restriction in his state is a law relating to all L plate license holders and isn't a condition of "his" license. If there were specific conditions of his license like corrective lenses or allowed hours of use or such then yes I assume they would apply here as well.

    I believe my previous post to be correct or I wouldn't have offered he information but as I said he shouldn't be relying on our opinions or our interpretations, he should ask the horses mouth, I've been wrong before, yeah I know it's hard to believe.

    Having said that if he takes your advice he certainly won't get done for speeding in a 100 zone, might get run up the arse by a truck on the freeway, but won't get done for speeding. I know which option I'd choose.
  11. pffft. Garbage.
    That's a license restriction and not a Qld Road Rule.
  12. wow, small can of worms here.... that quote from the transport SA site might not have been written with learners in mind. The 80kph limit for learners (where applicable, pick your relevant state) does sound like a license restriction, which (to me) would be seperate from the road rules, so that line of reasoning sounds like it might be OK.

    I appreciate the help, though think I should just pick up the phone and ask. transport SA is the right authority for this by the sounds of things.

    Off topic, I have a day to myself while I'm there - Any roads you guys suggest I look at while I'm around? Any I should avoid?

    Thanks again.
  13. Actually, in NSW it's a Road Rule but for L's it's a Road Rule that applies to all Learner's by the way the road rule is worded and a Leaner is defined. For P's the NSW P speed restriction is also a Road Rule but worded so that it only applies to NSW P Plate holders.

    I have no clue on Vic to SA but what *is* important is to check the legislation and to not assume.
  14. The nice thing about Adealide is that no matter where you are staying you are only a few minutes from good roads. A lot of the hills roads favoured by bikers are now restricted to 80 kph, Gorge Rd being an example, but 80 is pretty quick anyway on a lot of the twisty sections unless killing kittens is your aim.
    What sort of roads do you like?
  15. Just checked my license (L NSW) and the only condition is zero BAC. No other conditions listed relating to speed, pillion or engine restrictions etc.
  16. I'll just ask transport SA and post the answer here, probably early this week. Should settle things pretty quickly.

    hmm, I like tight roads, but don't really enjoy anything with moderate traffic as I seem to take forever waiting for a passing opportunity.

    Gorge road looks nice, as do most of the other B roads in that area, as well as (what looks like) a couple smaller roads like the one that passes through basket range or Norton Summit. It looks veeeeery easy to construct several loops and get a lot of twisties in, which is good.
  17. Yeah you could easily spend a day through that area and if you are riding during the week traffic won't be an issue for you. Get yourself a map and go for it.,most of those little hills towns have bakeries and coffee stops. The road surfaces are pretty good on most of them as well.
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  18. Well, transport SA got back to me. I don't have a copy of my enquiry although I recall asking if there any limitations that I may not be aware of.

    The response was that I am required to ride under the Victorian permit conditions.

    Given I'm allowed to do 100kph here, and SA learners can do 100, I don't think I'll be upsetting anybody if I also choose to do 100kph, provided I do it in the appropriate zone. Guess I was worrying over nothing - time to get back to planning!
  19. This is the same response I got from QPS Traffic when I enquired for a nephew coming to QLD from VIC on a learner licence. Licence conditions, including not needing to be accompanied, travel with the licence holder, road rules of the State in which you are apply. It was made clear there is a distinction between the licence conditions and road rules.

  20. As my son is on his car 'L' plates (NSW) and travel down to Vic regularly; I enquired at the RMS (NSW) and was told he had to comply with the conditions of his NSW 'Learners Permit' no matter what state he is in... I thought B/S.
    This would mean he is limited to 80kph when travelling in Vic. So when we were in Vic we swung by Vicroads and enquired; they showed me on their website that he can travel at the posted speed limit, when in Vic... even on interstate permit.
    This would make sense, because when I moved to NSW (from Vic) I got pinged for doing U-turns at traffic lights in NSW.
    So abide by the rules of the state you are in.