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Learner license expiry question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by PomPom, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm in Tassie, just wondering if anyone can clarify what I've found out. My learner license expires on March 15th. I'm not confident in passing the Pre Provisional course and MOST test as I haven't ridden that much. However, as much as I can understand according to the transport website, if I book in and pay for a pre provisional course and go to Service Tas more than 28 days prior to my license expiring, I can renew my learners for an extra year? Is this correct?

    I'd rather do this and fail the test, with an idea of what to practise and improve upon, than to resist the learners weekend!!

    Thank you for any help :)
  2. No idea of rules in TAS, just go ride more. It's fun....
  3. It may be best to give the Tassie Dept of Transport a phone call to get a definitive answer but yes my understanding is that if you book and pay for the Pre Provisional they will renew your learners for 12 months. Alternatively you can sit the Pre Learner training course and they will renew for 3 months to allow you time to do the Pre Provisional. If you haven't ridden much then doing the Pre Learners may be a good idea.

    On the other hand maybe you can get out there and practise, identify areas you need help and either get some help from local riders or some on line help.
  4. I don't know the ins n outs of the Tassie system but try asking them about an extension ...

    You always have the option to attempt the Ps course and maybe surprise yourself :)
    If you don't pass (remember it's competency based so there is no fail) and have to go back and repeat pre-learner would that be such a bad thing if you lack confidence?
  5. I passed the pre learners without issues. I can ride comfortably, I just lack confidence at slow speed manoeuvres! My partner was a riding instructor for many years ( as well as a racer and trial rider, winning lots of ironman events) so he's going to take me out more, it's just hard with alternating work shifts (he's a Truck driver and I'm a nurse who prefers night shifts!).

    It's more lack of time to do the learners as its a whole weekend, and there wasn't much on slow speed stuff, it was more stops and starts and big circles, which I'm fine with.

    So I'll ring DECA tomorrow and if it's correct, I'll book in for the P's and utilise the extra time if I don't get through to practise more. Thanks everyone :)
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    PomPomPomPom, my partner is in the exact same conundrum as yourself, with her learners permit expiring in March. She hasn't done much riding the last year as we found out she was pregnant about a month or two after she got her L's, and kept off the bike as she was uncomfortable.

    She had also heard somewhere on the grapevine about the booking the pre-provisional and getting an extension, but I've not been able to confirm this anywhere.
    I did ring Service Tasmania this week and enquired about how to renew or extend her L's, and was told that she'd have to resit the computer test, but wouldn't have to do the practical pre-learners course again. Take that with a grain of salt though, as the woman I got on the phone sounded totally disinterested and didn't seem to take much time to actually find an answer.

    On the same topic, where on the NW coast is the pre-provisional course held?
  7. Hi there,

    Thank you! It's held in Penguin at the Primary/High school, I have a list of dates I can copy and paste on here for you if you like?

    I phoned and booked it today, and they email you the bits to take to service tas. It just has to be done before 28 days left. Then pay $31 and resit the knowledge test and it's done!
  8. That would be nice, thanks! Was that with DECA? Penguin is nice and close, we are in Ulverstone.

    The way I read the Service website, "renew within 28 days of expiry" reads as you can renew your L's up to 28 days *after* expiry without having to do the L's test again.
  9. Here is the dates :)

    Thank you for your enquiry. Our current availability for the Pre-Provisional course at Penguin are:

    Sunday 14th February

    Saturday 27th February

    Sunday 28th February

    Saturday 12th March

    Sunday 13th March

    Saturday 26th March

    Sunday 27th March

    Payment is required upon booking which can be made over the phone by debit/credit card. Please check the earliest test date and expiry date on the front of your licence before choosing a course date. Our website is not active to take online bookings.

    ~~The way I read is before 28 days, if it's within 28 days you have to sit the learner course again. I read it three or four times lol!! Yeah we're in Ridgley, so Penguin is good!!! I reckon some of the on road but would be in Ulvie!
  10. Nevermind, I'm dreaming!! You were right, within 28 days!! I guess we can't do it say at 37 days? And yeah, with DECA!
  11. Cool! Yeah, I imagine the road ride part would head along the old highway and have a bit in Ulvie, given there's no traffic lights in Penguin haha

    The 28 day clause just means if you renew after that, you not only have to do the computer Knowledge test, but you'd also have to have L's for another 6 months.

    You might also find this helpful. It's the Testing Officer's Manual for the Alternate Motorcycle Operator Skill Test. Found it today.

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