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learner legal

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by fishola, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. just checking what the learner legal bikes in nsw are and the best ones
    had Ls in qld but the rta were so generous and cancelled them for me how nice

  2. As to the "best" LAM, well that depends (too many variables): depends on what you value, i.e. power, style, economy, handling, etc, etc...

    best all rounder would be vee-tee-arh too fiddys, it seems that EVERYONE has one... cept me, i ride the REAL thing.

    an good idea would be to talk to people (also dealers, but be weary) about which LAMs they would recommend

    a better idea would be to test ride them.

    a great idea would be to hire/borrow a bike for a week or so.
  3. cheers

    thanks for the link i will check it out i had a zx2 in qld but sold it when i got back to nsw
  4. Any thoughts on the Hyosung GT650...

    I hear rumors u can change the air filter after u go through all the license stuff to increase the power.
  5. The best way to get more power is to de-restrict it, THEN you can start to modify it: pipes, air filter, ECU, blah blah...

    but i hope your not talking about whilst on restrictions... because that would be silly :LOL:
  6. No after im off restrictions....
  7. As I was just going though the same thing a while ago... what bike to get.

    Just look at what is on offer, you will see something you like ... buy it (not the first one :p).

    In the end you have to ride it so get something your happy with. Mistakes may be made but if you take care they shouldn't be too costly.
  8. Hey Fish,

    Considering you like the RVF400, i reckon thats the go for you. LAMS doesnt really bring anymore decent options to the mix, except maybe for the RVF. The GS500F isnt going to have anything that really gets the heart pumping and the CBR250RR's are all too long in the tooth now. The VTR250's are apparently really good bikes, but IMO dont really look the part.

    Actually... thinking more about it, Starlet will be selling her CBR125 pretty soon :wink:
  9. The RTA site isn't very helpful as it only states bikes you can't have in the 250cc range and then a bunch of boutique <660 ...

    check out www.lamsinfo.com
  10. That's a really good linky fhqwhgads! MUCH better than the RTA list.