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Learner Legal (Victoria) road bike for 195cm rider!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by SHEPPO, May 28, 2007.

  1. Hello all,

    I am stepping accross from dirtbikes to the road (yay). I have got my Learners permit, and will have 3 months on restrictions, then another 12 months restrictions on my full licence. Not wanting to be illegal and ride a big bike, i am looking for a Learner Legal road bike.

    I am in Melbourne, so interstate laws need not apply.

    Firstly, I have been hearing rumours that there is going to be new laws about what is/isnt allowed for people on restrictions. Something about power/weight?? Can anyone elaborate on this?

    Secondly, yes i am 195cm tall, and i "look like an ape on a kids bmx" as my so called mate :) informed me after we went for a little ride on friday, i was on his old ZZR-250. So i am looking for the biggest bike i can ride. By biggest i mean physical size will be more important than outright power.

    I am looking for a "sports" / "sports tourer" / "naked muscle" styles of ROAD bike, not a dirtbike with road reg, and not a supermoto. I am also looking for 2nd hand, as i dont see the point of loosing out $$$ from buying a new bike, to sell it 15 months later.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am kinda biased towards the major jap manufacturers like Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki. CBR250's, ZZR's and the like wont be considered as they are too small!

    I have heard of a Honda CB250F Hornet. It seems to be called a "big" 250 due to its physical size and similarity to the 600cc version. I know it's an import and am completely aware of the risks with buying an imported vehicle.. i use to drive one every day for years! A well maintained bike is a well maintained bike, be it Australian Delivered, or an import. I'll be able to nut out a dud within minutes of inspecting it.

    So feel free to suggest bikes, and i hope there's other lenky riders like myself.

    Thanks for any help in advice, and look foward to hearing replies.

  2. Hi, had similar problems, although I'm only 6"1'.

    The largest bike I could find was a suzuki bandit 2fitty. It is a nekkid and also looks bigger and is more upright and comfy.

    Try you luck on one of those!

  3. Hey im 192cm and ride a suzuki bandit, its not quite as big as the hornet but its still very comfortable. Also have a look at the hyosungs they are a bigger bike as well
  4. Hi and welcome to the mad house :grin: There has been plenty of discussion on here about potential VIC LAMS. Do a NR search and see what you come up with but as far as I know it's still all talk :shock: *flame suite on* so if you're thinking of a bike sooner rather than later you're stuck with a 260cc beast. Having said that I agree with the bandit comments. :)

  5. Pick up a Hornet 2150 if you can find one - they're the only 250 I know of with a nice fat back tyre that can easily deal with Melbourne's slippery, wet tram tracks. They look great, go hard, are comfortable... And a bit overpriced in today's market.
  6. Just for the record, the Pooh never bought a bandit, or any 2fitty. Ended up waiting till getting off restrictions for a bike, but If I had to, the bandit would have been my first choice due to size! I thought it looked pretty cewl as well, but then again I am older! :LOL:

    Pooh out! :)
  7. Oh, there is also a kwakka balius, but it may be a badge swap or soemthing!

    So I guess you currently have a choice of honda hornet, suzzy bandit and kwakka balius. All nekkid and very similar!

    My guess is, that most faired bikes are smaller, as they expect monkeys to race them! :LOL:

    Anyone know about the Aprilia's? Go hard as buggery, but I'm not sure about the size.

    Pooh's 2 cents!
  8. wow this forum moves quick, 6 replies in minutes!!

    i am trying to steer clear or any of the 2 stroke weapons, like the aprilia RS250. i have ridden one, loved it, it was a bit bigger than the usual 250cc fully fared road bikes, and it had the brakes and suspension to cope with the power it had, but i feel that the 2 strokes wont hold re-sale value, especially if a LAMS style system comes in and bans these pocket rockets. whats the good of having a 250cc bike u cant sell to another fellow L plater when you're done??

    i have been looking at the honda hornet and the suzuki bandit. i like the bandit as its not as overpriced as the hornets, spose i should go look at a few this weekend and see what they're like.
  9. haha u giant!!!

    try the suzuki gs500. i see a few tall riders on their L's riding then and it looks pretty big
  10. Hey, as he said, there is no LAMS in Vic. 260cc is max for restrictions.

    Suppose you could always get a 500 and just rebadge it. Don't think too many coppers would figure it out?
  11. He made it clear he was in Victoria and Victoria does _not_ have LAMS.

    That rules out any bikes larger than a 250.

    Since he's ruled out any super motads or dirt bikes with road tyres that leaves only road based 250's.

    None of those are full sized, although as mentioned the Bandit 250 and the Hornet 250 are slightly larger than most (400 to 600 sized roughly).

    Another option is the Hyosung GT250 which is pretty large for a 250 as well.

    If you are too tall for those 3 road 250's then nothing else will be any better.
  12. the cops wouldn't but insurance would
  13. unfortunately if you "re-badge" a bike, ur only kidding yourself. truth is yes, its only a slap on the wrist fine of $133 and 0.5 demerit points, but if you have an accident, your insurance wont cover you, and your TAC insurance is also void.

    bottom line, i'm getting a 250.

    the hornet and bandit are looking like the favourites at the moment.
  14. 6'2" and I got a Hyosung GT250 one fo the few to 'fit" me. Look at the VTR250 and any naked 250. No faired ones are gunna fit you. I know you have ruled them out but a motard might just be the bike for you.

    Oh and the MRAA said they spoke to guvment about the LAMs thingy but every time I ask them I get no response. :roll:
  15. I have a hornet250 love it to bits. a fairly tall bike but the narrow seat - not uncomfy - helps me touch the ground. I'm only 171cm, you're welcome to come have a sit on it, I'll be at mulgrave coffee tonight if it doesn't rain.

    Too bad I won't be upgrading for another couple of months though.
  16. yeah the motards fit me, but it's not what i am after.

    the naked style bikes seem to have a slightly more upright riding position, and i think this helps make them feel more spacious for people such as myself.

    the hornet is a dam nice lookin bike, and that 180 wide rear tyre is MAD! the bandit is cheaper tho :LOL: :LOL:

    thanks for the offer, but i wont be able to get up to mulgrave tonight. this saturday i may go test riding and see what i fit on. see if i can borrow the ZZR for the ride up to the shops so i have a good comparisum to work with.
  17. It's actually 260cc but who makes them?
  18. I'm exactly the same height and rode a ZZR250 while on restrictions. I must admit I only bought it because I got it cheap off a work mate, but it wasn't that bad height wise. As I said in another thread, it probably won't matter what you get, your knees will be around your neck for a while. Makes it all the more of a relief when you finally get to ride a decent size bike!
  19. I'm 182cm and ride a vtr250. being a naked, the seating position isnt too raked over, and i find it really comfortable, far more than a cbr or zzr. went for a reasonably long ride on saturday, and didnt feel fatigued from it at all.

    but the reality is, the number of bikes available to learners is fairly limited, so go to somewhere like sumoto (where they have pretty much every sort of 250cc bike), sit on all of em, find the one you like, then buy it from somewhere else!
  20. +1, best advice i have ever heard about sumoto :D