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Learner Legal Suggestions + feedback

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Scottyboy8289, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. Yamaha YZF125r

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  2. Aprilia Rs125

  3. Migelli 250r

  4. Honda CBR250r

  5. Kawasaki Ninja 250r

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  1. Hi all,

    Im going for my license this weekend, and plan to buy a bike shortly after to be used as a daily commuter/ weekend fun/ occasional track day.

    i currently like several bikes and have been researching,reading reviews & youtubing them all and would like some comments/feedback + a vote.

    I want to buy brand new or near new either 2010 or 2011 as i have had too many bad experiences buying 2nd stuff plus the added warranty will give me piece of mind.

    i will be buying a bike not just for the road but will be taking it to the track every now and then for fun, i wont be adding race specific parts to the bike although i will add an aftermarket slip on and a fender eliminator kit.

    the bikes i like are below;

    Yamaha YZF125R 2010 or 2011
    i like this bikes looks but ive read that its top speed is 110km/h, is this correct ? ive also read that its a reliable bike.

    Aprilia Rs125 2010 or 2011
    Dealership told me its one of the fastest learner legal bikes (some around can do up to 250km/h) and if treated well it will perform its duties daily without fail, although requires constant/expensive maintenance?

    Megelli 250 2010 or 2011
    this bike looks the biz, but ive read that its a UK/European designer, selling from china, the bikes plastics are frail, constant stalling, rust, unreliable? but ive also read that the megellis problems have been fixed ?

    Honda CBR250r 2011
    Now, this bike would be amazing if it wasnt so ugly on the front end. so really its not a option unless someone gives me an extrodinary reason why this bike is the best.

    Regarless of whatever bike i put, there will be someone saying "just buy a ninja250r" well i would BUT .....every man and his dog owns a ninja 250r and that just doesnt make the bike very unique(plus my cousin owns one). yeah they may be reliable and fast and have a good rep but it just doesnt take my fancy.(plus the speedo cluster is ugly, picky i know but i like the digital speedos)

    Doe anyone know of any other Sportsbikes like the ones above coming out in 2011 ?

    So after all that, does anyone have any personal experience with the bikes above and would be able to give me your opinion/thoughts/likes/dislikes/grudges about them.
  2. I'd like to know which dealer told you an RS125 will do 250kms/hr.

    Wasn't bikebiz was it?
  3. Was close by, he said that there were 3 models brought out.

    Standard rs125 " which is Dogs*** " his words
    Biaggi edition " which is Dogs*** with racing stickers " his words
    and the edition he has infront of us, " only a few of these left hanging around brand new, most are all 2nd hand as they are 2009 models, and this thing is a BEAST! only learner legal that is capable of 250km/h " his words.
  4. So it was Action motorcycles, the parra one?
  5. I do understand that you want something different, personally I would get a Motard if I wanted that. Faster except in top speed than all those, more unique and cheap to crash. Is the new Husky SM630 learner legal, that looks sweet.
  6. There is no RS125 that can top 250km/h. The GP 125's are pushing out around 45 to 50horsepower and can almost hit 220 down a long straight. Needless to say, they are not streetable and cost tens of tousands of dollars.

    I would recommend either the Ninja 250 or the RS125.

    The Ninja had more torque, and more power over a wider spead. It is a popular, good natured bike that has a well proven track record for reliability - it is essentially a reclothed GPX250, and they've been around for over 20 years. The riding position is friendly and maintenance is normal for a bike of its size.

    The Aprilia RS125 is what you want for going to trackdays. It has a more aggressive riding position, a lot lighter weight (30kg lighter), a twin-spar aluminium frame and very good handling. Contrary to popular belief they are actually quite reliable... if you look after them properly. This invovles letting them warm up for a few minutes before riding off, and letting the coolant temp rise to operating temperature before getting into the powerband. For example, when I had mine I would start it and let it idle up to a coolant temp of 50'C on the dash before riding off. This took anywhere from 2 to 5 mintues depending on the weather. I would then stay below 7,000rpm until the coolant temp hit about 65'C, and then ride however I wanted.

    The engine is very track focused, with the power not coming in until 8,000rpm and tailing off once you pass 10,000rpm. Having said that, I rode mine for a year and put around 10,000kmm on it before I rebuilt the engine and sold it. I wish I still had it.

    As far as maintenance is concerned, you will need to replace the top end (piston/rings/gudgeon pin/bearings) every 10,000km or so. This costs about $150 in parts and took me an afternoon to do by myself. I really isn't very hard and does not require special tools. The power valve must also be lubricated and cleaned every few thousand kilometers or so. This is also easy and takes maybe half an hour.

    If you want a no hassle bike that you just take to the dealer for service then get the Ninja 250. If you want something special that has real racetrack credibility and you don't mind getting your hand dirty for... then get the RS125. They really are a brilliant machine. As far as 'edition', I would stick with the regular one and nail them down as far as you can on the price. They're all the bloody same, just get the regular one and go from there. best thing you can do is install a K&N air filter, Tyga expansion pipe/exhaust, and then up the jetting by one size on the mainjet and perhaps 2 clip positions on the needle. All very easy to do yourself.

    And there we have it.

    Cheers - boingk

    EDIT: If you plan on touring (100km plus trips) or carrying luggage (other than a backpack) then the Aprilia will not suit you very well.
  7. @vertical C i do want a unique bike, but i definately want a sports bike. faired sporty 17yr old type bike :p my choices arent exactly unique but the ninja is just so popular that there are so many of them out there and i would rather stand out from the crowd.

    @boingk thanks heaps for your advice, i will be do long trips as my gf's parents live over 140kms away. my mechanical expertise is good but not to the point that id be able to do all that work confidently on my own, so the ninja would be a better choice in that respect, any opinions on the other bikes?
  8. You do know that LAMS bikes go up to 660ccs right?

    Why **** around with 250s these days? If you want to go to the track a 250 will bore the shit out of you.

    Have a look at the larger capacity LAMS bikes. Find one you like, get it registered, rip the restrictor out and you have a sports bike that will punt around a track happily.

    250s are a waste of money these days. If you are a half competent rider you'll outgrow it in a month or two.
  9. alot of the bikes are too tall, im 5.7 but my legs are short :p

    ive sat on the migelli and yamaha 125 and aprilia and i can touch the ground.

    and 6XXcc bikes that are sporty as hell like these but short so i can ride without changing suspension ?
  10. Hate to say it but standing out from the crowd on a bike that doesn't do what you want or doesn't work for you is a pretty high price to pay.

    The unfortunate thing is you have the problem of not being able to test ride one of these, being you don't even have your learners yet, that was the issue that stumped me for a bit, I recently test rode my second choice bike Honda (CB400) & although it was fun, I quickly realised my first choice was the right one (Suzuki gs500).

    I suppose you could also consider the following Hyosung, from what I understand some people think their quality control is crap, anyone got any info on a recent model Hyosung??


    Also the length of time you will be on restrictions can dictate choice, if you have 3 years on restrictions you would want to be pretty choosy about what bike you get, if only one year it will matter less as your bike choice options will suddenly get a crap load bigger.
  11. A full fairing does not a sportsbike make. Are any of the bikes you listed, apart from the RS125 I guess, really a sportsbike?

    If you want to be unique get a motard. If I had to go back and start over, instead of my GPX250 I would buy a motard. Go look up (not saying buy) the Husaberg FS650E, slaughterer of LAMS.

    Really, consider the Ninja or an older cheaper GPX250 if you don't want a motard.
  12. Get the Ninja. If you really want unique, it can wait until you've got a bit more experience and are off your restrictions so you've got a wider choice.

    Unique generally comes with a swag of negative qualities. The early days of biking are hard enough without saddling yourself with more problems than necessary.

  13. These pretty much cover it.

    If I had to pick one of those bikes, I would pick the Ninja 250, but you will be sick of it pretty quickly.

    You didn't state what state you're in, but go through the LAMS list & google the bikes on there to get an idea of what else is out there, then go & sit on a few.

    Seat width will have as big an effect on what you can safely touch the ground on as much as overall height.
  14. @ pilgrim

    ill be on my L's for 3 years as im only 21, which does however mean im stuck with the bike for 3 years (unless i sell/rebuy)

    i will keep looking at other bikes though incase some other's pop up and look wicked.

    Im in NSW for LAM purposes.
  15. Haha, not a bad way to start off huh?

  16. Maybe you could get the Cagiva Mito, thats probably similarly quick than the RS and looks better. It will have all the same issues as the RS that boink listed.


    The motards are still a faster bike though but if you aren't interested well...
  17. So you already are on your driver P's???

    In Vic the rules are if your on your car P plates say for 1 year, then get your bike P's, you only have to do the remainder of your car P's time in the bike, pretty sure that is correct.

    Sounds like NSW is different in this regard, or have you confirmed how that works???
  18. never, ever, ever believe anything a bike salesman tells you about the bike.

    but dunno, how long you keeping it for?.. think re-sale
    the little aprilia will be a sought after classic, because that's the last 2 stroke they're going to do... next year it gets replaced with a 4 stroke.
    how heavy are you?
    the 600 cc lams bikes are all gutless, but have the advantage of torque to move a load that would bog down a 2fiddy.
    some of the new fuel injected 2 fiddys are little crackers.
    i'd really avoid 125 4 strokes.
    and the only thing that could keep you entertained for a few years, would be a nice light super retard with a spare set of rims for the bush
    (what's NSW? ...10 years on lams or some bullishit?.. DUDE, you outgrow a 2fiddy in about 4-5 weeks)
  19. ivebeen looking around at the 600cc LAMs bikes and the Ninja 650rl and the yamaha fz6r are probly the only ones i like, maybe the hyosung 650.

    as for the motard idea, i dont like the looks of any motards as its not my sorta bike....dirtbikes are the same not a fan of motorcross style bikes.

    as for the NSW licensing, all bike riders start on L's for minimum of 3 months and then got to P1 over 25 years old can end thier p1 early but for anyone younger (ME) has to do a full year of P1 and then 2 years on P2.

    in total i will have a RESTRICTED license for 3 years and 3 months til i can move onto my dream bikes ( Ducati 998 & MV augusta )

    i think if the 600cc bikes are dud's i will try and get a 2010 runout deal on a ninja 250 or buy demo/near new.
  20. I'm probably out of my place here, but you owe me the mouthful of beer that I just coughed up reading this line.