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Learner-legal restricted 675 (??)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by loki, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. i was just glancing through the depths of the optional accessories for the Daytona and i saw a 34PS restriction kit. thirty bucks. how long has this been available?? a 675 could very easily have steered me off the RS if i'd known that sort of thing was selling. i pay 80bucks for an indicator. triumph give you a PAIR for 70!
    that would be a killer first bike for the select (cashed up) few

  2. Yeah, its worth considering. I heard you can get a restricter kit for a Suzuki Hayabusa. Once the engine gets to 2500rpm the ECU cuts fuel to the engine, keeping it below 150kW/tonne and learner legal. :LOL:

    Seriously mate, you're better off with a RS125 than a castrated 200kg squid machine with a torque curve that falls through the floor just when things get interesting.

    That would be like having Claudia Schiffer as a girlfriend and a 1 inch nob.
  3. Moreover, it's not legal in Australia unless it's on the list, though it might be in other countries.

    Moremoreover, it'll never be legal here because LAMS cuts out at 660ccs no matter how much you've crippled your bike.
  4. It needs to be complianced as a restricted machine, which means the importer would have to run it through ADR's and sell it as a restricted machine.

    The 34 hp is to meet the uk's learner system. No way in hell you'd get the RTA to give you a concession to ride a 675 here.
  5. (Except possibly in ACT, where their version of LAMS doesn't have a displacement cap)
  6. no dice.
  7. Isn't the cut-off 660cc, dont think you could get away with it in NSW.
  8. According to my calculations, at 150kw/tonne and a dry weight of 189kg, leaves 28.35kW. So lets round up for the sake of it to 30kW. Thats about 45 horses which on most 675 dyno charts i've found occurs at under 6 grand! Im not sure whether that holds must relevance or anything, i was just bored. I think the restrictor system simply stops the throttle assembly from opening properly at some point, or something like that as opposed to a rev limiter. I couldn't imagine riding a busa up to 2500rpm. Ridiculous.
  9. You never know. I have a LAMS 800 (779CC)

    just rubbing it in ;)
  10. For LAMS it's tare weight plus 90kg for the rider, so figure a total closer 289 for the calculation and you end up with 43.35 kW
  11. touche *furiously does research*
  12. actually, working it out to Vic or NSW LAMS is pointless anyway, it's 15cc too big. So ACT is the only place it stands a chance and their LAMS uses a different weight for bikes above 260cc, can't remember it off the top of my head
  13. you never know...
  14. so did you somehow get approval for this bike? or is vicroads unaware of it's capacity? or both?
  15. OK, done a bit more searching and ACT adds 68kg to tare weight, which would give you somewhere close to 40kW

    Given the small size of the ACT market you'd think it unlikely for a bike to be made specifically for their LAMS guidelines (unless an ACT dealer decides to do it themselves). So the more likely outcome is that ACT learners may be able to end up with some UK approved bikes. Their approval is a little different though. "you will be restricted for two years to riding a bike of up to 25 kW and a power/weight ratio not exceeding 0.16 kW/kg." Which for any bike of greater than 660cc is going to mean 25kW.
  16. nah, the 750 is just learner legal in the ACT.

    and you can put a case to vicroads that a learner legal bike in another state should be included in the vicroads list.

    i didnt. previous owners may have.

    mine isnt on the list. but vicroads has it down as LAMS. i have gotton rego renewls, rego changeovers and they still insist its LAMS. keeps the cops happy too.

    "so what is this? an old 650?"
    "something like that" ;)
  17. I only worked it out for shits and giggles guys. To get my brain warmed up before this ridiculous soil mechanics assignment I have to do, but I think we can all safely say that it's probably not the best idea.
  18. you mean CS with a 1" ?

    you have bad bad thoughts !

    i agree, pointless. buy a $3k bike and sell it for $3k when off P's. buy a $15k bike and it be worth $10k when you off your P's. plus i reckon a gpx250 or similar would be as quick.
  19. Remember these bike are 15K + on roads. What learner, besides 45+ year olds are gonna be able to spend that amount of money on a learners bike. Plus when they drop it or crash it...... :(