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ACT Learner Legal power to weight

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Lucid Mikey, Mar 28, 2015.

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    Alright, so been looking for a bike for the misses and like the look and features of the Honda ctx700. It's not listed on the ok list but by my calculations it's under 150kw/ton.
    My math is;
    1000/(bike weight+68kg)*38= 141.2...
    So is my maths wrong or should it be allowed?
    Cheers, Michael

  2. may as well take advantage of the loose ACT laws :D

    at 227kg and 38kw, power to weight only 128kw/ton? (38/(227+68 ))*1000
    D version is heavier (234), other power figures smaller (36).. can't be any higher power to weight
  3. That's one of the issues, varying stats but still think that's right. Tar weight and wet weight are the same right?
  4. TARE should be curb weight before rider, ready to roll, so oil, fuel and water.. but I'm not sure if it is "some fuel" or full tank.

    if you have to get it weighed at weighbridge... take a full tank :)
  5. Here in Qld it's the power to weight ratio AND the capacity. So, one without the other is a no go.
  6. Lol I had a discussion with the misses on the spelling of tare... looks like honda haven't given an exact number on the power... atleast not on the Australian website
  7. oops sorry, didn't mean anything by the CAPS :D just have always seen it written in capitals ;)

    tare is "unladen weight", or empty container.. relating to selling and moement of goods (so ya don't pay for the weight of container when you buy stuff)

    Definition of TARE WEIGHT
    : the officially accepted weight of an empty car, vehicle, or container that when subtracted from gross weight yields the net weight of cargo or shipment upon which charges can be calculated

    tare (n.2) [​IMG]
    "allowable difference between gross and net weight, deduction made from gross weight of goods to account for approximate weight of packaging or container holding them," late 15c., from Middle French tare "wastage in goods, deficiency, imperfection" (15c.), from Italian tara, Medieval Latin tara, from Arabic tarah, literally "thing deducted or rejected, that which is thrown away," from taraha "to reject."

    Full Aussie Honda owners manual (from 2013) is available from Honda here (14meg in size)
    http://hondampe.com.au/docs/owning_a_honda/owners_manuals/motorcycles/32MJF8000_CTX700A-ED_201_ OM.pdf

    on the specifications page it has curb weight (225/226/234) (only 12.4L tank?),
    and yeah, no power figures
    but to be over 150kw/tonne, it would have to be at least 44kw :)
  8. Have a look at http://myrta.com/rvd/, I think that is the source for "official" numbers.
  9. THANK YOU!!!
    Looks like a reasonably legitimate source :p
    I'll put forward the form and see how I go :)
  10. Alright so in conclusion the lovely folks at Canberra Motorcycle Centre are chasing it up so no forms for me :D
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