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Learner legal CBR600RR

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mustlovebikes, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. I have heard a rumour that RR motorcycles in Sydney are restricting CBR600RR's for ~$1000.

    Altering the ECU so it wont be like the restricted Monsters.

    Interestingly could make late model 2nd hand ones worth more, if they can be sold to learners.

    Mine is learner legal anyway!! The RTA have stuffed up and it has LAM on the rego label. All the numbers match.
  2. ... excuse me? Why have I only heard this now??
  3. I'm about to put some cash on the GS500F, but am holding back untill some more info is posted.... Hurry!
  4. their website is under construction
  5. No.

    It has to be complianced as a restricted bike. Which is a long, expensive process, that would have to be done by the importer. If Honda Australia were going to bring in a restricted bike, it would not be their supersport model.
  6. ie. their lams 400
  7. Are the Ducati Monsters complianced as a learner bike? Come to think of it how can it be complianced as a learner bike when different states have different laws?

    I heard this from another Honda dealer. Worth a phone call to RR Motorcycles. Again this is something that I have just heard.
  8. What? Is this really a rumor or is it really gonna happen?
  9. When confronted with the choice of a conspiracy and a stuff-up, always go with the stuff-up.......
  10. It would be a much more expensive repair :wink:
  11. +1

    You would definately know if the RRs were going to be LAMs compliant, as Honda would announce it big time, just like how Suzuki has done it in the UK with their GSXR600 and other bikes. And how Suzuki has made twelve of their bikes LAMs compliant in Australia (which means that all States that have LAMs in place will support the scheme).

    I also agree with Kols that Honda would be least likely to make the RR compliant. It's one of their flagship products and to make it available would tarnish it's position in the market, bigtime. That said, Suzuki UK have made their GSXR 600 available to learners...

    I've got six months before I can get a bigger bike. But, after returning from Kathmandu in Nepal, I have fallen in love with my 250RR again and am more likely to be happy to stay on it for longer.
  12. Yes the 600 and the 620i.e. were.

    hp/weight ratio is part of compliance data I believe, and inviolable. They complianced a lower power version of the 620.

    They could restrict it, compliance and sell it as a new model, but Honda Aus would be the ones looking after, too big for a dealership.

    If they were going to sell a restricted Lam's machine, it would more likely be the new hornet. Even then, why would they bother when they have the excellent CB400.
  13. What I heard was that it has nothng to do with Honda Australia. This shop is spending the intial money to get the appropriate approvals and they will be doing the work, hence why no announcement from Honda Aust.

    Why would they do the 600rr over the something like the Hornet? Because of course it is a far more attractive package to the rider who would have been looking at an old 250rr anyway.

    Anyway time will tell
  14. No comment :LOL:
  15. whats next a LAMS R1 :LOL:
  16. Well they are taking a huge gamble if it proves succesful Honda coudl just come and do the same. But sheet it would be cool if we could look at proper bikes for learners.
  17. you people are unbelievable.

    Its bullshit
  18. YA think :roll:

    Of course it is but it would be cool!
  19. you actually thought something like this was possible... ?

    lol dude!!!
  20. i don' see why it isn't possible.... like most things spend enough money and i reckon you could get it through, why would you, thats a whole different story