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Learner insurance

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Wake, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. Howdy all,

    recently passed my learners licence (25th july) decided to do it for my 20th birthday, been ridding bike for a long time tho since about 10.

    anyway i've ordered a brand new blue 250r ninja should be hear soon. but ive started looking at insurance now as my loan says i must have it and its probley not a bad idea.

    aami was $1300 and insuremyride was $2600. why such a big differance?

    who has the best insurance for a 20yo male learner?

    cheers guys
  2. Try western qbe or swann they may give you better.
  3. dunno if it still works but ..

    back when I had my first car it was a cheap thing so got 3rd party property insurance on it. Then when upgraded to something worth having comprehensive insurance I was polite and pushy about having an insurance history based on the couple of year of 3rd party property and managed to jump straight to a full 60% no claim bonus :)

    dunno if insurance companies are so friendly these days.

    but also, easy way to find out the reason behind the price difference, call and ask insuremyride why they cost twice as much as aami :)

  4. don't worry insurance companies send out a free tube of lube
  5. Not so helpful seeing as he has finance on it, they'll always want comp on it.

    My premiums somewhere just over the 1k mark, having under dads name gets us 65% off that. Fwiw we've always been with NRMA and that was from swann. Unfortunately though, I don't think you'll get much better than 1300.
  6. It's the boxes ticked 'under 25' and 'male' that makes the cover so expensive. Fact is we're at the highest risk of having an accident so have to pay huge amounts for cover.

    Is the Ninja a definite? Unless you're heart set on getting it you might want to buy something naked and cheaper so even if you have a fairly big off it's still very cheap to repair. I had one recently and it ended up in the armco but only cost $500 to repair. That's not even the excess let alone the premium for comp... Then again it could've been much worse and I'd be stuck without a bike. :( Up to you if the extra cost is worth it
  7. ..."Hi, I'm a 20 year old male on my L's and I just bought a Ninja! How much will it cost to insure?"

    You are so ****ed. If somebody offered you $1500 for insurance, friggin count your blessings.
  8. I am paying about 1200 for my 09 vtr 250, never driven, learner permit holder.

    Thats with swann btw.

  9. wake I would make a list of all the insurance companies and ring each one.
    The price will bounce all over the place based on where you live, where you will park it etc.
    Your best to do the leg work as no one on here will be able to tell you any one company is the one the go for.
    But yes, get comp because you dont want to be paying off a mangled wreck where the only joy you get out of it is sittng on it and making bike noises.
  10. Try western QBE, I found them the cheapest but it could be different for you. If it feels better I paid 1500$ for full comprehensive on a new drz400sm 8900$/9800$ on road as a 24 year old (no drivers license). Next year it will be 1100$ with 3000$ worth of mods and to an agreed value of 10000. So IMO its worth doing and getting it done and over with so in afew years time you will reap the benefit of cheap full comprehensive insurance. Good luck man!
  11. As a matter of interest I got an online quote from Swann. 45yrs old, good area, in locked garage etc and the quote was $505. I input the limited data you provided and they wouldn't supply a quote! My comprehensive is about $285 a yr on a 2007 vt750c Shadow. The exorbitant quotes must be due to your age and the bike being a sports bike. Good luck finding something affordable but I think the quotes you've got seem reasonable (by insurance company terms)
  12. $285 a year! I want to be old :(