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learner GPX

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by haroon, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. hey every1 as some of you may have read im going for my L's on monday so now im looking for a bike, i have $2000 (dont laugh) to spend. So all that fits my budget is a postie bike which i dont really want or i have a choice of old GPX250s. I was just wondering in your opinion would a 92 GPX with about 50k be worth 2grand or is it to much. And are they reliable. any feedback is appreciated

  2. Hey buddy, i know how you feel with the budget..

    When i bought my GPX250 1996 model about 2 months ago..

    I only had a budget of "whatever i sold my car for"

    Anyway, i got mine for 3500, and will probably sell it in about a month, when i go for my P's
  3. To actually answer your question GPXs are perfect learners bikes. They've been pumping out the same bike year after years since the late 80s (till this year) so it has to be good. A lot of riders here have them or had them (me included) and you don't hear many complaints, which is rare from these whiney so and sos.... :p

    50k is a lot, but if the engine has been looked after (not flogged, regular services/oil changes) its no big deal for a GPX engine. You could buy a year old engine that's been badly treated and you would be worse off... So it all depends on how the bike has been treated.

    For $2000 I'd want a RWC + rego and for the bike to be in really good shape.
  4. I've had both a GPX and a Spada, and I can safely say that the Spada shat all over the GPX. You should be able to find a good one from 2-3k

  5. And I've owned both too and I can safely say the Spada spent so much time being fixed rather than ridden that I ended up selling it within two months. While the GPX rarely missed a beat.

    That's not to say Spada's aren't good bikes, its only saying your advice is flawed - that's even ignoring the extra thousand he's supposed to be pulling out of his butt...
  6. Curious.. can you elaborate? in what ways are the spada better?

    I've ridden both, the spada has a novalty fun factor to it.(think it was the whole naked bike thing for me. felt like an xr100 :p ) but the gpx is such a good allrounder.
  7. 2000 sounds like a good buy if the bike has rwc. 50 000 Kms should not be an issue, just look at the general condition odf the bike to make sure it is not 1050 000.

    I think you are definately looking at the right bike. They are increadably reliable, and there are so many of them parts are cheap. They are pretty much as good as the other learner sports/tourers imho (i.e non 2 stroke and non inline4's ) like the zzr, just a bit more outdated.

    However 2000 dollars is probably stretching it a bit and remember you'll have to get a helmet, jacket etc. I think you would want 2500-3000 to get a decent gpx with rwc and rego. But it is definately worth the extra few dollars to get a good gpx.

    Maybe you could wait for LAMS to be introduced later in the year and hope the prices drop a bit, maybe save up a bit for gear as well
  8. Mate I had a GPX... mine on the road was $1700 and put a crazy 15,000k's on it... and sold it for $1600!!
    The bike never missed a beat.... and it was flogged, AB-Solutley flogged... and still started first go every time.

    Every 250 has been given a hard time.... but they are built for it.... as that is the way to get their full potential out of them!!!!

    For around $2k you can find a gpx with around 20 - 35k on the clock and maybe 4 - 7 years old... b ut don't worry as they are essentailly the same bike as a previous poster said.

    Mine was a 95... and for a 250 I got a LOT of fun out of it.

    Stuff the spada!! go the Kwaka!!
  9. thanks for the responses, it sounds like a gpx is the bike 4 me, ive sat on a few bikes and it fits my height well. but i think i might just get a cheap as posty bike for a run about and save up for about 6 months and get a slightly newer gpx
  10. GPX's r the fo schizzle, i would recommend learning on that bike anyday ( i did), as mentioned above, GPX design hasnt changed for 30 yrs and they r now only being kicked out of the market for the new high performance 250 zx2r.
  11. :rofl:
  12. Hi Everyone! I'm going for Pre-Learner and looked at a 1997 GPX250 today. It needs new two tyres, break pads and new chain and there's a minor scratch on the right fairing and a broken front mud guard. Asking price was $3200, our offer was $2500 and the counter offer was $2800. It has 34,000 k's and according to our mechanic it's in fair condition. It has been dropped more than once though as the hand break lever is slightly dented on both sides on the end.

    Mechanic also mentioned a slight oil leak but he was more concerned about the chain than the oil leak so I don't think it's a bad oil leak.

    Do you think it's a good price? I'm short at 150cm and 45kg and find the GPX to be very comfortable in terms of riding position, height and weight. I have to give an answer by tomorrow.
  13. hi Seth

    I have a GPX as well, great bike, no issues with it and is very cheap on fuel. That bike sounds ok for the age - however keep in mind the cost of Tyres. Front will cost you roughly $120, and a rear $130-160. Not sure on the cost of Brake pads/Chain but combined is probably somewhere around 100-200 for both of them. Don't worry about the dented brake/clutch levers - they cost like $15. Tyres are your main cost, so you could get them down a bit on that.

    Where is the oil leak coming from? If its just around the sump plug then its just the o-ring etc, but your mechanic would have checked that - it's not really hard to top up the oil anyway if its just a minor leak.

    I'm 6ft, and weigh 72kgs and the bike is probably just a tad small for me (heigh wise)- so for you it will be perfect, if anything being 45kg it will feel alot faster!

    its a light bike (like most 250's) so you won't have trouble moving it around. At the end of the day trust your mechanic friend and your instinct.
  14. Thanks Agro Nick! I personally thought that it was a good price as looking @ BikeSales the only other GPX in that price range ($3000) are mostly late 80s early 90s with @ least 30,000 k's. According to my mechanic it'll be:-

    Front & Rear Tyres = $300
    Chain = $350
    Break pads = $80-$100
    Front mud guard, according to seller will cost $100.

    So that's $850 already, the seller budged $600 from asking price, to throw more confusion into the wind, I was told about Red Book, the pricing on Red Book is maximum of $1900, but I've never seen a 97 model for that cheap! I don't know if sellers are overpricing but buyers are able to get it down to that price or what but I am unable to find a decent GPX/ZZR for less than $4000.

    I really wanted to only spend $3000-$3500, I'm not fussed about older models but I'd rather take older model which has a service history and well looked after than a newer model that has been thrashed. According to mechanic it's in "fair" condition but he said he certainly wouldn't pay more than $2500 as we'll be looking at nearly $1000 to get it in good riding condition.

    My Hubby believes that due to broken front mud guard, general condition of the chain, which according to him is very easy to maintain it shows that the seller obviously doesn't take pride nor look after his bike...any more advise would be much appreciated :D
  15. i have a gpx and its a good bike, though i did pay more for mine :(
  16. Have owned and ridden a GPX 250 many years ago when I was on my P's and it served me well for a couple of years of constant riding including numerous trips between Sydney and Albury (about 600km one way). A very reliable workhorse that's also lots of fun in the twisties. Great beginners bike as it's not going to do anything unexpected and it has more than enough power to get you up to license busting speeds. Parts are very easy to get and mechanically it's quite robust.

    The only potential downside is that dropping such a bike is likely to be an expensive exercise. You've got a large amount of fairing to get cracked and damaged plus some design issues associated with this. That is, both the mirrors and the indicators are mounted on the fairing so if you drop the bike and stuff the fairing, you'll potentially have an unroadworthy bike as your safety equipment won't be held in position. The other problem is that you have dual exhausts, one on each side which means that no matter which side you drop the bike on you'll end up with a scratched muffler.

    This may be a greater consideration for you because if you're on a tight budget and the unthinkable happens, your bike could be off the road for a long time as you save up to get repairs done. To give you an indication, back in '90 I had a pretty spectacular off which resulted in about $2,500 damage to my GPX 250 At that time the bike was only a couple of years old and sold for around $4500. All that damage was primarily cosmetic damage resulting in replacing Muffler, upper fairing, front mud guard, mirrors, windscreen, plus a few minor miscellaneous parts.

    If you're a cautious rider less prone to stupidity than I was then I think this won't be a problem and you'll find the GPX to be a great bike to build your skills and experience on while also having a hell of a great time :)
  17. Hi Everyone! Thanks! I'm viewing two GPX's this weekend.

    $3500 2005 model 23,000 k's on the clock never been dropped and only 2 owners.

    $5400 2007 model 9,500 k's on the clock. Never been dropped, service books/receipts etc provided, he was the first owner and he has had it serviced twice 1000 and 6000 k mark.

    According to Red Book the 05 should be maximum $3600 and 07 maximum $4300. Which do you reckon is a better buy between the two?

    Thanks everyone! It's really hard to buy when I don't know anything about bikes :( Hubby just bought one brand new to save him the hassle :LOL: but that bike is his new wife.
  18. i've had my 06 gpx for 3 years now... slapped 54,000kms on the clock and it hasn't missed a beat. have had to replace chain and sprockets (18k or so ago) tyres (twice for front, thrice for rear - need new rear soon). front disk and pad, and rear pad.

    I'll probably sell it some day - but i figure that its worth more to me running ($14 a week to and from the city 5 days - 300kms total) insurance is cheap, rego is cheap (although getting more expensive every year).... aaaand it is a smallish bike (I find that i can split a little more ambitiously along the westgate compared to the bigger bikes) :)

    my 2c.
  19. Don't forget to set aside money for armour, insurance, etc. :)

    Erm, the ZX2R started production in 1989 and ceased production in 1999. Don't confuse the compliance date (the date an imported bike was announced to the Australian authorities) with the build date. A lot of bike importers use this as a trick to fob off a 15 year old bike that's been rusting in a warehouse in Japan for the last ten years as a "new" 2009 model.

    If you're referring to the current Ninja 250R, that's mechanically almost identical to the old GPX250/ZZR250, just with modern bodywork and a few minor updates.