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Learner from Melbourne :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Gunny, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Hey guys how's it going???

    Jumpin on here so I can be a part of the biking community:)

    A little background: here goes...so I'm from Melbourne, I used to ride dirt as a kid, had an xr100 that was awesome, great fun riding bush but gave it up when the bike got to small for me. I'm now 24 and was keen to start riding again, but it took me a little while to save for a bike. Finally saved up and went an got my L's and then went and bought a little spewl coloured lime green ninja 250r 09' model. I have had my license for about a week now and done about 600km's already with mates who have been riding road for a couple of years.

    Currently just wanting to get my practice of being on the bike on the road as its a totally new environment compared to driving, but also a ton of fun.

    So yeah nothing special about me, just came to say g'day :)

  2. Welcome mate, enjoy the little rocket.

  3. Thank you jem, I am very much enjoying it :)
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  4. Welcome to the NutHouse :D !!!
  5. Thanks for the links, they seem very helpful and I'd love to attend once footy season is over!! It's not to far either I don't think. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday.

    Also, when I picked up my bike from the dealer the first rider I saw ride passed me he nodded his head, and I've noticed nearly ever ruder does it. Of course I nod back but I assume it's just saying g'day and common courtesy amongst riders or am I way off the mark here??
  6. Welcome to netrider Gunny, and yes your assumption is correct, but please don't mention it again. :)
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  7. Better explain that Ultram :LOL:

    And welcome to NR Gunny
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  8. Gunny, yes it's common courtesy, but it's also something not discussed on NR. Mainly b/c it comes up SO MUCH that the mods have put a stop to talking about it. Understandable that you'd ask, but I think this will be the end of the discussion on it. :-$ Do a search if you want to, but at your peril LOL.

    Welcome to NR.
  9. Welcome in mate and enjoy your ride,
  10. Hahah oh I'm sorry to bring up a delicate subject. I very much look forward to Chatting to u all.

    Been spending a lot of time in amx looking at stuff to upgrade my bike haha. So keen to get home from work and start working on it
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    Hey, what's this rubbish, you now have a bike eh????

    Welcome and enjoy...

  12. Welcome to NR. :thumb;
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    Oh well im super awesome now how's that? :p Just got a cover for my bike as i cant get it round the back of my house so now it has to stay under the car port. Got a cover for $20 from a mate, bargain :)
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    Welcome aboard. :)

    2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650L.