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Learner Friendly Twisties?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by aus_dragon, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. Is there such a thing?

    I live out near kellyville/rouse hill in Sydney nad am wanting to start tackling some nice easier twisty runs.

    I was thinking of taking a run to wisemans ferry as these sem to be slightly more gentle than some of the other twisites I have been on in the cage. From my house it should only be about a 1 to 1.5 hr run each way which seems to be a good time on the bike for a first attack.

    Can anyone suggest if these are a good run first up or if there is anything else better/easy for me. Ofcourse I am limited to 80km/hr so am trying to avoid having to travel on any roads that exceed this. I am also going to be attending the L ride coming up 30th Sep but would like to tackle some twisties first by myself before trying them in a group.

  2. Hey aus_dragon, we went out there on one of our first rides. I took it pretty slow and the twisties are quiet easy - not too tight. It was a really nice day and we've been talking about taking another trip out there soon now that I've been riding more :grin:
  3. twisties for a learner? what you want is something with good surface, good signage and not alot of other traffic. i reckon your best bet would be the old pacific highway on a weekday. then again, being at rouse hill puts you within spitting distance of the putty, although there is an hour ride from windsor to 10 mile.. take your pick!
  4. i agree there but would further that by saying head to the far north end of the old road , head up the old road , past road warriors , get to the end , turn right and right again and there is some nice decent twisties up there and less traffic as well imho
  5. From Rouse Hill, the Putty is the answer, Good surface, well signed, great mix of road. PM me your number if you want to take a run during the week, I'm able to make time most days.
  6. tweet, are you up for the loop on tuesday? morning to mid arvo?
  7. Hey Tweet,
    I will have to take you up on that offer one of these days I think :grin: . I get an RDO every 2nd friday but I can transfer it to mid week if needed. I will find a time that I am not flat out at work and give you a call. My wife Pink_Dragon will want to tag along aswell (got her L's yesterday :grin: ) so I will have to find some babysitting for the day but that's nothing that can't be easily done - thank goodness for grand parents :p :grin: .


    P.S. I have sent you a PM with my mobile - Thanks
  8. WEEKDAY rides did someone say WEEKDAY rides . :grin:

    Time and place..???? I need 24 hours notice to take any day off ,but I get 1 or 2 weekdays off every week. So Im keen ,beats sitting at home watching Oparh and bold and the beautiful.
    Well Oparh anyway ,I don't mind the chicks in bold and the beautiful :oops: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Any set of twisties at the appropriate pace are learner friendly, BUT!! and here is the big BUT!!

    If you're on a popular set of twisties on a popular day for more experienced riders, you are going to get pressured by them and potentiall unsettled by them whizzing past you. Keep this in mind, and be nice about letting them past you.

    For some knob riders, their "time" on a certain road is everything and they aren't going to be too chivalrous (spelling?) to less experienced riders.

  10. Hey Dom,

    Probably not mate, just that getting to Hornsby by 9am from the city will be a PITA. otherwise I would!

    Didn't get it Nathan
  11. tweet, sleddog and AUSdragon, to be honest i'll be doing the loop on tuesday anyway, the firestorm needs to get an honest day into her.
    im happy to make it latter in the day for a start time, or change direction. its my day off, and ive got all day off :grin:

    (sorry for turning it into an EOI thread! :eek: :? :oops: )
  12. I haven't gone to my tuesday class for weeks, one more won't matter. :)
  13. We have an inner!
    ok tenative ride plan, asquith BP at 1030 am? the loop from there?
  14. Weather permitting, Done!

    Dom PM me your number.
  15. Might be abit far for you ,but I used Henrry lawson Dr to get the hang off some sweepers .

    Go to Parra ,then follow Woodville road and just keep going straight ,it's not a really long road about 5+ km ,but it's nice and easy and a good ride following the river ,it can also lead you to heathcote road ,and if your confident ,hit the Nasho on a weekday.
  16. Thanks for the tips guys.
    Looks like I will be taking you up on your offer Tweet (FYI I resent the PM with my number) especially seeing they moved the date of the L ride I can no longer make it :cry: .

    Sleddog Henry Lawson sounds interesting, might have to check it out, I haven't been down that way for a while. :grin:

    Hope to see you all out on the road
  17. Has the old Pac Hwy now become learners-friendly twisties since they posted the 60kmh speed limit?? Is that pushbike speed limit??