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Learner friendly exploration of the Dandenongs 25/04/11

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Kitt, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. Just a Learner friendly exploration of the Dandenongs tomorrow ..

    11am meet @ the Stamford Hotel , cnr Stud and Wellington rd Rowville .( opposite the mobil/7-11)

    I'm still in training so this will not be a fast pace/race mode ride ..

    and as per usual , this is not an official ride .. ride at your own pace/ risk yadda yadda ..

  2. Heathers coming,
    Will be a nice day once the fog lifts,
    Have a good ride,
  3. I'm in!

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  4. hey watch some of those roads...
    Was there Sat and u really need to keep your eyes open.
    mountain hwy in particular, road works have left it with lots of fine gravel in many places.
    ridge rd that takes you to sky high too recently resurfaced where there still loose stones between car wheel tracks.

    Riding around corners on cars wheel track is a pain but u may need to do that in a few places..
    honestly, people responsible for road works around the dandys are leaving it dangerous and I'll be sending in a general report to VicRoads from a motorcyclists perspective this week...

    have fun..
  5. Hi Kitt and all the other guys for today's ride, enjoyed most of it and enjoyed the company. bailed out as the "gravel" thingo didn't do much for me. I do have a little trouble seeing with the dappled sunlight and it tends to make me a little nervous. thanks heaps Kitt for your patience on that gravel strip as well as the corners. hope you all finished up with a good day. hope to see you next week on the chocolate run.
    cheers H
  6. Thanks to Bruce for the lead, Kitt for TEC and everyone for the great company today.

    That gravel section was a bit challenging there Heather - so much harder to see the lose gravel with the sun streaming through the trees but some great roads today.

    Hope to see you all again soon!

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  7. Hope you all enjoyed the ride :) I lived up in Olinda for 20 years, travelled these roads every day and still do (for work) so no chance of getting lost.

    Great TECing by kitt with an unusual pick up as well (what happens on the ride stays on the ride) Excellent company and corner marking ran like clock work.......thanks everyone !!

    Cheers B
  8. Was a nice little run today ... Great company and over 280kms door to door !! So approx 200kms of the ranges explored :)

    You're more then welcome Heather , I didn't mind at all , I was quite happy to follow you through those rough patches , not to flash with that stuff myself . See you next week !!

    Thanks Bruce for showing us some nice little roads throughout the Dandenongs , and YaY me for my first TECing job , no issues at all 8-[, and the corner markers were great !!
    Till next time *waves*