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Learner friendly dealerships in Melb

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by RockRiffRoger, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. Morning NR,

    I've just got my Learners yesterday (shout out to Michael and Richard at H.A.R.T), and have been checking not out a few dealerships around Melb in my search for the first bike. I figured I'd share some of my experiences so far.

    First stop was probably the most common: Peter Stevens Melbourne.
    I had read in similar threads on this site that Peter Stevens can be very difficult to actually speak to a staff member, particularly in the bike sales section. The first time I went in it was true to form. Looked around at a few bikes for about 20 mins without being able to catch the eye of anyone (Wasn't looking to spend yet, so didn't push it, but an offer of assistance would have been nice). Then I discovered the trick is to go in early. As soon as they're open. Then you're outnumbered by staff and they've got nothing better to do than help you out. Got some good info on the Kawasakis and then head upstairs and got kitted out - Thanks Edward!
    Second stop was Sumoto in Brunswick. I know, I know... I shouldn't have bothered, but I had to see if the forum reputation held true.
    It was actually so true that it was entertainingly bad. They obviously rely on first time buyers that don't do any homework. In my 15 minute chat with the sales guy he bestowed upon me these pearls of Sumoto wisdom:
    -"Grey imports don't exist in the motorcycle world, and we certainly don't sell them."
    -"These days there isn't actually any difference in build quality between manufacturers"
    -"Two front discs is so the bike maintains stability while braking in corners"
    And I never went back.
    Last stop (so far) was Raceway Motorcycles in Niddrie. These guys were great. It a nice little showroom, staff are attentive and well informed and the kicker... They'll let you test ride with a learner's permit!!
    Will be headed back there this weekend to see if I can find "the one".

    Would love to hear some of your experiences!

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  2. RockRiffRogerRockRiffRoger this reflects my experience almost exactly. Top blokes at Raceway. I ended up buying from Mick Jones in Melton, bloody miles away but I wanted the Z300. Good luck with it all.
  3. Thanks CheeksCheeks
    It's a toss up between the Z300 and the BN302 at the moment... I know the Benelli is a newcomer, but I like the look and feel so far. Will hopefully get to give it a spin on Saturday.
  4. I'm with you - love the Bevelling but have not ridden. Let us know how it goes.
  5. Benelli!
  6. dodge.

    My best advice would be to not get settled on a certain bike or buy one on a certain day when you walk in!
    Do your research on the bikes before you go in and google on how other owners find the bike.

    Another tactic of mine is to turn one manufacturer against each other, walk into Honda and ask how it compares to the CBR250, or what goes wrong with xxx? I personally find PS Ringwood more approachable than the CBD and its in close proximity to Honda & A1 motorcycles down the road.
    If you're buying used, be sure to bring someone mechanically minded with you.
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  8. Thanks JeffcoJeffco
    I test rode it last weekend and pick it up tomorrow. Just crossing fingers that it dries up a bit for the ride home!
    A few weeks of practice in the car parks and back streets and I should be on my way to Saturday Practice.
  9. Hi SUMOTOSUMOTO, and welcome to Netrider.....
  10. Unfortunately it's a case of 'here we go again' with another wannabe 'Mick Doohan' but with attitude! The staff all remember this Gentleman, primarily for the 'questions' he asked & the impression that he left. We don't want to get into a slanging match BUT some points made should be addressed.

    If being told what the differences between single & twin discs is, that grey imports is NOT an official term used for motorcycles & that the differences in build quality between bikes is getting less pronounced. And then NOT LIKING what you are told, then SORRY for answering truthfully!

    Being misrepresented comes with the territory when selling motorcycles, however we're compelled to respond from time to time! We've been in the business for many years & sell ALL makes & models of NEW & USED LAMS bikes & always enjoy new riders coming to us for unbiased advice.
  11. Lol SUMOTOSUMOTO. No boy racer here. Sorry if you feel misrepresented. Just calling as it felt as the consumer. Take it on board or don't.
  12. lol your reputation precedes you
    well deserved too in my opinion
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  13. :finger:
    oh and
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  14. That's very grown up, behind your keyboard!
  15. SUMOTOSUMOTO unfortunately in the world of consumerism and retail, for every single positive comment that is made there are 9 negative comments. And I know this from experience more than 10+ years in and out of the retail industry.

    Also the motorcycling community is a small and tight nit community and therefore people will ask those with experience about where's the best place to buy bike or whose the best for servicing. Word of mouth is by far the most powerful form of advertising and more often than not people will gladly share negative experiences about companies than positive when asked about that particular company.

    With the reputation that you have on here sumoto have alot of work ahead in order to change alot of opinions that held by members.
  16. Appreciate the thought through comments, Lonrad.

    Here's hoping some more come through the doors & see for themselves rather than relying on thoughts/rants/misquotes!
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    don't worry I say what I think in real life too

    more like a known long history of not caring about your customers
  18. Is this old mate "Sumoto Insider" coming back under a new name?
  19. think its the owner this time
  20. should at least apply for vendor anyway