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learner... first service quote

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by jono454, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. got a quote for my very first service on my 89 spada. the bike hasnt been serviced in a while and it needs a new chain and sprockets. valves are ok im told. im sure ill need new break pads as well...

    i was quoted a full service with chain/sprockets, excluding oil change/filter cause i did that myself recently for a touch over $600. does this sound about right?

  2. not too sure but i rang around places i found in yellow pages when i needed new fork seals. most places are happy to give you a quote. if you already have a quote then just ring em and tell em what u need done and ask how much.
  3. Ask them what you are getting for your $600. Does that include parts as well as labour

    If they are just changing brake pads + chain and sprockets $600 sounds like a lot.
  4. Well it aint a full service without the oil & filter.

    So it sounds a bit more like chain and sprockets and rear pads. Perhaps $400 would be closer to the mark.
  5. i asked my bro n his '92 250RR major was around 400-500, whichh had like valve adjustments, oil n filter, coolant, sprockets n chain, n a few minor things... just off the top of my head
  6. Funnily enough, I got a quote from my mechanic for a set of Spada sprockets and chain - it was $265. Apparently the Spada has an expensive front sprocket. Brake pads aren't that expensive - $120 or so for both front and rear, the rest of the quote gets eaten up in labour - 2 to 3 hours it would seem...
  7. lol bought the last spada i had for that much so yes its over the top.
  8. You got a steal of a deal, or it's a piece of sh**.
    Either way, just cos you can buy the bike cheap doesn't make
    servicing any cheaper.
    And then you wonder why some mechanics will not service your old bike...

    Anyhow for $600 I'd want a list of what is to be done, and what parts
    installed. If that included a valve check and full service that wouldn't
    be out of the question. But do you need all that stuff done? maybe not.
  9. Mate try DOUBLE RR on parramatta rd in Haberfield. Really nice blokes that charge a fair amount.
  10. chain for 120
    front/rear sprockets for 110
    oil/filter changed
    new spark plugs
    add in all the usual stuff, battery check etc...
    and 300 for labour

    does 300 for labour add up? or did i get jipped?
  11. sounds pretty typical