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Learner Eye Test

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by nightrider, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. Hey all,
    Im just wondering if anyone else here wears specs while they are riding?Im doing my course next week but i know i need specs to read the eye test board at the RTA. Im short sighted although i can see further distances sometimes i cant read the letters of number plates. Is there a way of getting around this so i dont have the S on my license? How can i bypass this. The only reason i dont want the specs on my license is because i hate wearing specs and i never wear them and just incase i do forget my specs or i dont feel like wearing them while im riding so i dont get fined..any help would be appreciated..

  2. If you have contacts wear them and just tell them you arent wearing them! Im short sighted as well but it doesnt bother me, sometimes i wear glasses sometimes i wear the contacts. I find that i got trouble seeing at night so i just wear them. If you get pulled over just tell them you are wearing contacts they wont know!
  3. You dont happen to have an identical twin do you?
  4. Is there no way you can possibly pass the eye test without your glasses, or is it just not going to happen?
  5. Maybe getting some contacts if he doesn't have them is a good idea but if he had them why not just go legit and say he wears contacts?

    If ever he was in some sort of accident he was at fault in it could affect insurance claims and level of infringement he'd occur if proved he wasn't wearing vision enhancement that he should be.

    Always cover your arse.
  6. I agree, why dont you just go legit?
    I dont feel safe riding without glasses/contacts!
  7. Certain song comes to mind "Your So Vain"

    31 & want to get out of the eye test. Jesus put your bloody glasses on for the stupid eye test takes all of 30 seconds & then when it comes to happy photo time, take them off. You know your allowed to do that now.

    Jeeez just glad I dont live near you.
  8. I sat did my prelearners and L test a week or two ago and I didn't have an eye sight test. I'm assuming this is because I already have my car P's so they dont need to check it again. Should be the same for you if you have drivers license.
  9. Oh bull $h!t .. then they arnt doin there job correctly. Sitting in front of a monitor to do the L test, or goin out on the road for your P's even renewing your licence ALWAYS an eye test.

    Glad I dont live near you also
  10. Your eyes would have to be pretty bad not to pass the eye test.

    I DO wear glasses ( even when riding / driving ) and wear prescription sunnies when riding mainly because I have stigmatism and get headaches after a few hours.

    I have been told by the RTA to take the eye test with my glasses off ( even though I have told them I ride with glasses on ).... and I pass everytime.

    The reason for this they say is that if you are caught out without your glasses you will not be booked. Once that "S" goes on your licence though ... you have no choice.

  11. I got my motorcycle Ls recently, and already hold my car licence, and yes, they made me do an eyesight test again. I wear a contact lens in one eye (shortsighted). In my other eye, I am sort of longsighted, but it is a lazy eye and won't focus properly and it can't be corrected, so most of the time my brain ignores the signal it gets from my right (lazy) eye. Like I am just looking from the left side of my head! Anyway, my right eye is really pretty bad, and yet, when I did the eye test here 6 years ago, I still passed the test with that eye.

    So, I would also suggest you try and pass the test without your glasses first and see how you get on - if you pass without, then everything is sweet. If you don't pass your test without them, then you know you have a problem and shouldn't be out on the road without them.

    Have you thought about contacts? I never thought I would wear them, but I hated wearing glasses and my eyesight was getting worse and was getting fed up of people across the road waving at me and me just waving back without a clue who they were! So, I thought I would try them, and haven't looked back (about 15 years ago now). These days, it doesn't take much effort to clean them (monthly disposables) and I put mine in from about 6am to 10pm every day with no problems.
  12. When I got my L's I didn't need to take an eyesight test.
  13. If you require glasses and don't wear them, (or contacts), you are a danger to every other motorist out there. Just wear them so you don't kill someone.
  14. Yes, there is.. show up early and memorise all the lines on the wall chart. hahaha.. :LOL:
  15. I didn't have to do another eyetest when I went and got my bike L's. Already had the S on my car P's. I just always wear my glasses, cause if I take them off, I can never bloody find them
  16. Did that at the optometrist when I was young. I would memorise the lines with my good eye then read the memorised line backwards with my bad eye. When he worked this out he just asked me to repeat the line backwards with every 3rd letter. My brain couldn’t work that one out. :LOL: :) :grin:

    As for the test - just do it - take the 'S' and live safetly. It will probably make it more relaxing too - you wont be stressing with eye strain :cool:
  17. thanks for the replies.
    I do have contacts but i have never wore them before. I think i might have to get an optometrist to put them in for me before i go do the learner knowledge test. I can understand some of the peoples comments on here about being safe and wearing glasses i totally agree. But i was more concerned about times i do forget to wear them or whatever the case may be i just dont want to be fined for not wearing them. Does the wearing contacts excuse work when you do get pulled over by cops? If it does then it shouldnt worry me that much.
  18. First off, you have to wonder when you're going to get pulled over. Even riding a bike, not much. Secondly, if you do get pulled over, its most likely going to be for a breath test, in which case they wont look at your license (99% of the time). Even if you get pulled over to check if you can ride, them noticing that you have an 'S' isn't definate.

    After all those 'maybes', you can still use the contact line, and if you're not wearing them when they ask you, just poke where your contacts would be (as if you're fiddling with them) as you tell them about the contacts. Then if they STILL ask you to pull it out, its easy to believe that you thought you were wearing them.

    So you can get away with it very easily. However, despite the RTA is commonly retarded, if your eyesight is compromised in any way that is going to make your riding dangerous to yourself or others, you should never go without wearing them, its just not worth the risk.
  19. Mate, I just recently got glasses because of short sighteness at the age of 27. I had a bit of an issue with it at first, now I just accept them, and christ I can see so much better with them. To be honest , not wearing glasses just because the inconvenience of them, is a poor excuse.
  20. I have glasses too and found that when I tried to read the eye chart without them, I was just a tad off identifying the letters and had to put my glasses back on to pass the eye chart test. Yet when I got my bike license from Vicroads, there is no S under conditions on the front of the license or on the back of it. They must have made a mistake.