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learner dealer in Sydney

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by liz, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Hey Everybody :D

    I'm going shopping this weekend (I have had my learners for one and a half weeks now and can't wait any longer) for a bike. I would like a naked 250 but would settle for a ZZR if I can't find what I want. From all the adds I can find all the really good dealers seem to be in Melbourne. Does anyone have any suggestions for Sydney. I was thinking of heading out west!?! (I live pretty close to the city).
    I should also mention my budget is up to $4000 and the reason I'm thinking dealer is that I don't have any mechanical experience so wanted a bit of security (however if I don't do well this weekend the trading post may be the answer).
    Sorry long post - What do you think?

  2. Are you taking somone with you that has a bit of knowledge about bikes? Even (especially?) dealers will take advantage of the uninitiated. You should be able to get what your after with that budget. Its been a while since I was in Sydney but I seem to remeber there being a few bike dealers around Parramatta road, Church Street, Great Western Highway. Its also handy to Motor Cycles Accessories Supermarket if you need any extras.

    Before you head out, try doing a search on http://bikepoint.ninemsn.com.au
    They have a pretty comprehensive list of 2nd hand bikes at dealerships. The trading post is always a good bet if you know what our looking for. I'll probably be doing this myself in a year or so to get my daughter her first road bike.

    Happy hunting,
  3. Don't think you are going to get much in the way of security by going through a dealer. Most used bike dealers operate on a tight margin. They might clean up a bike, even respray it, but don't expect any more mechanical reliability than with a private purchase.

    Most bikes at the cheaper end don't come with any warranty.

    There are horror stories around about the 250 specialists Sumoto, and I can attest that Peter Stevens don't even check the oil in used bikes they sell. Find someone who knows a bit about bikes who can go with you, and look at some private sales as well. Use the money you save to get a really good checkover by a reputable mechanic.

    Have you looked at the used bike magazines in the newsagents? (Just bikes and the like?)
  4. Is there a reason you are limiting yourself to 250's? There are some great naked 500's or 600's that are LAMS approved, and may fall within your budget. (suzuki gs500e seems like a nice naked - never ridden it myself though...)

    And welcome to the site!
  5. Just remembered a mate from another forum has a CB250 for sale in Sydney within your budget. You can contact him at rishi@bigpond.net.au
  6. Go the CB 250 I love mine to bits very forgiving 330 k's to a tank very reliable! Cheap to insure! & easy to park in the hallway!
    btw welcome to the forum!
  7. thanks

    Yes I am taking someone more knowledgable with me. And I had thought about a CB250. I hadn't really thought above 250 and the guys who take the learners course are very discouraging of anything but the most basic bike. maybe (the bike you suggested does sound cool but being only just over 50kg I really don't need anything that is too big).
    Lots to think about.

    Thanks for the welcome bondgirl. I have actually posted before but those were lost into the ether so now I get to be a brand newbie all over again.

    P.S. I am thinking that even with a dealer I should get the bike serviced ASAP or at least make sure of a road worthy cert (which I was already going to do thanks to the other great advice on this forum.).
  8. I've got a CB250, everyone that rides one of the FZR or ZZR's like to hang it on me that the bike is sluggish but I'm 180cm tall and 85kg and those bikes are uncomfortable for me, however you being a shade over 50Kg will mean that these bikes are ok for you. Remember the insurance on an FZR or ZZR can be almost triplee what the naked style bikes are. I got a quote from Western QBE for a 89 ZZR on a learners and they wanted $740 whereas the 1996 CB250 (which I ended up buying) was $225 and the 2000 VTR250 I also looked at was $235.
    VTR250's are nice but I struggled with the finicky nature of the throttle and the low down torque of the v-twin, another reason why I chose the CB250.
    Above all what you need to buy is the bike that appeals to you. It's no good buying a CB250 if something like the ZZR or GPX/GPZ250 steals your heart.
  9. You've got the LAMs in NSW. Bikes on power to weight ratio.
    As mentioned, the Suzuki GS500 is a good one, fairly light, dependable, easy to ride (like the Kawasaki ER5, another middleweight but a bit heavier), cheap to maintain/ insure/ tyres/ repairs/parts and naked (no plastics to weld/paint/ pay for if and when the bike falls over).
    Research here: tradingpost.com.au/ redbook.com.au for prices/ bikepoint.com.au....you'll get a feel for prices.
    Great to have someone knowledgeable to tag along, buy privately after a good look around (see some dealers by any means).
    A RWC is mandatory (law), seller has to provide and pay for that !!!
    If you can find a GOOD (rare nowadays, but possible) Honda CB400N or T model (higher bars), you'll have spare $ to spent on gear and the first few rides/ petrol, coffee and lunch included.
    Sure, it's a bit older, but more poke than a 250, weight is low (important for a 50kg "flyweight" :) , grunty without being aggressive.
    Even cheaper to fix with aftermarket-parts after a bingle.
  10. conclusion

    Thankyou to everyone. I pick up my 98 Zeal tonight. Private sale - I'm saving at lease $1500 over a dealer and get a cover etc thrown in. (one dealer even had one for $6500 - I'm only paying $3500). Anyway I love it and it's just what I wanted.
    My tip - I found this bike 1hr after it was advertised so it's worth checking the websites frequently for new add.

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  11. Re: conclusion

    Congrats Liz. A good purchase! Well done. :)

    Best deal I ever saw on a Zeal was a 6 mth old 2001 model brought in 2002. I had only 300km on it, never dropped and in mint condition. Price? .... a bargain at $2,000 :)
  12. Re: conclusion

    Yeah, that was a bargain, the guy I bought it off just wanted to get rid of it, bad memories - not of the bike, but of the reason he bought it (love makes us do funny things!). I was more than happy to oblige!!! :D :D

    Liz - I loved my Zeal, even kept her for a good year or so after I came off my restrictions. They are a fantastic light zippy fun bike. The CB250 would have also been a good bike, I had one for 8 months or so before I got my Zeal, but I got bored pretty quickly, thus the upgrade.... I think you have made a stellar choice :D
  13. Stoney Creek at Ingleburn

    They're registered MV and Yamaha dealers. I believe they sell other kind of bike too. They are friendly but professional.

    They have a big workshop and their workshop manager (chief machanic) Craig is a racer himself. so he gotta know the stuff, right?

    I bought a megelli 2011 250r demo from them, there were some problems shortly after I got it. Craig come and pick it up and fix it and delivered back to me free of charge.

    Hard to find a machanic with such professionalism nowadays
  14. Why am I detecting spam here? Exactly the same post as another and this thread is from 2005
    You own the place at ingleburn do you?
  15. holy thread revival