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Learner cruisers

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Didly, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm booked in to do my test in a couple weeks and I'm looking for ideas for a cruiser that will be able to comfortably move me around (All 120kg).

    At the moment, I kinda like the VT250C and Aquilla, but all I hear about hyo's is their shitty build quality. So any ideas will be appreciated. Also, I'm in vic so have LAMS

  2. At 120kg I'd be ignoring the 250cc market if I were you, at least if you hope to do country runs etc - if you just want to cruise to the shops or commute sedately then I guess a 250 would be fine. If you do want to do bigger runs (and if you don't now, chances are you will come to want to) then new I'd say the 650cc cruisers (XVS650 etc), or second there's plenty to choose from: XV535, GR650 (which I ride), SR500 (again), a host of 80's 'special' or 'custom' twins, and many more...
  3. Well I'd like to use it in traveling to work, which includes a freeway run. Maybe a few casual rides on the weekends too :cool:
  4. I can see that you are of ave weight, like many of us here.

    The Yam 650 seems to get a lot of yahoos from people here, and having ridden one, seems to be a good bike.

    Get the extra cubes - you will run out of desire for the 250 real quick.

    I believe the 650 is on the LAMS list too.
  5. Is the XVS650 lams approved?

    Please don't get a 250cc cruiser. At 120kgs something like a virago 250 is going to really struggle.
  6. Victorian LAMS list

    The XVS 650 will have just enough power for you as a learner. They get to 100 km/h quick enough.

    Just wish they had a 800-900 model. :cry:
  7. On the US Yamaha site they have the 2009 models and they include a Vstar 950 model. Click here
    Hopefully they will be in here soon as well :)
  8. As a gentleman who exceeds 120kgs by a small amount I empathise with your concerns.

    I ride a 250 Aquila, and I would have to say that the concerns about the build quality of the Hyos in my case seem to be wrong. I have found them perfectly good and the service I have received from Staffords has been excellent.

    With respect to the power....yeah I would have preferred more than 250cc's however I got my bike pre LAMs so it just wasn't an option.

    Having said that....on my lowly little 250 Aquila, I have found it more than adiquate for daily commutes, including freeway speeds, many Netrider ride days and one two week tour from Melbourne to Brisbane and back again.

    So bottom line, more power is always nice, but 250cc can do you just fine.

  9. I had a Suzuki Intruder and it carried my 130kg well at Freeway speeds, daily commutes and weekends, kept me safe. Did 23500k's in 15 months. Top little bike. But really enjoy having extra power now.
  11. Ditto, at 115kg. @ 9000kms in 12 months, now. Love the little engine in it, has a fantastic sound.
  12. im a big guy aswell 135kg and abit over 6foot and ive been riding a xv535 on my learners
    i say go for a 650 would have enough power for daily use and enough for a bit of extra fun on the weekends tho once your off restrictions your gonna want to upgrade (see bottomline)

    i love the 535 but its really abit small for me but still cruises at 100 great and ive done several 200+km trips on it done nealy 10000kays on it since september 07

    its also gonna be forsale in the very near future im upgrading to a bigger cruiser YAH
  13. I just got my 'L' beginning of September. I bought a XVS650 V-Star Custom (Midnight 2009). I only weigh in at 65kg, and I am enjoying it. I ride it to work maybe twice a week...75km round trip and its nice n comfortable, burbles along nicely at 80km (haven't really taken it on the freeway)

    The bike itself weighs about 215kg, heavy, but well balanced, so fuelled up its pushing over 230kg.

    Don't go for a 250cc, at 120kg you will outgrow it within a week.

    The XVS650 is LAMS Approved and currently you can pick them up with a little haggling for $9499 ++ Brand New.

    PS I have had a license before, but never changed it when I came to Oz 12 years ago, but the 650 i find is still fun.
  14. the Vt250C is a very nice bike (completely unbiased opinion :p) has plenty of grunt for a 250cc bike if you keep it a bit higher in the revs when going up hills and in corners and stuff. very sexy looking bike too. go sit on/test ride some when you have your L's and see what you think, surprisingly i found the riding positions to feel quite different on a lot of the different 260cc cruisers. 250 will do the job, and hey, your only learning, less chance to make a mistake on a bike that doesn't have too much power, that said, i want a bigger bike!
  15. Was talking to my local shop yesterday and we can expect the 950 to be available in OZ next year, hopefully early. :grin:
  16. Go the 650 cc you will grow out of the 250cc real quick .. that is of coarse you like to ride.
  17. I just bought a Hyosung 650 Aquilla for the missus an she loves it. I ride it heaps and it hauls my big 138kg butt around easily.
    She was on a CB 250 on her 'L's and reckons the upgrade to the 650 was the best thing since sliced bread.
    I was a dubious about the brand at first but a month later I am pleased with our purchase. In comparison to others in the same league the Aquilla was much lighter (40kgs on the Yammy) tripple discs to stop it, low seat height and highest HP and on top of it all it was 2 grand cheaper.
    Well worth a look

  18. just dont buy a Vstar 250 i had one for a week and my scooter is MUCH MUCH faster

    the 250 cruiser may be fine if your a slim rider but 100+kg i got dragged off by a Landcruiser pulling a van!!
  19. you will get used to the power of a 250
    you will get just as used to the power of a 650 lams bike but the resale will be worse
    you will get used to the power of an 800-1000 then you will get used to the power of a 1500.
    but the 250 would make an excellent commuter as it will be lighter cheaper and more fuel efficient.
    you can keep it and buy another bike for what ever you grow into and out of.
    I have had a GV 250 with no issues and i have a neighbour 110 kgs with one no issues.
  20. I got a Virago XV250 mainly because of all the bikes I sat on, it and the Intruder were the only ones where I felt comfortable and could get upright without too much effort.

    At just over 50kgs and around 5' 1, my problem is going to be not getting blown off it.