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learner choices...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by dr650, Nov 9, 2004.

  1. Hi all...another option 4 nsw learners...had my l's 4 3 months got myself a suzuki dr 650 road trail...93...25000 k's barely a scratch for 3500.klx 650 and xt 600 also allowed for learners...great easy ride, comfortable good tank size. soaks up the bumps and has the benefit that u can stick with it when ur of ur restrictions...plenty of low end power 2...I did have a across but 4 me no comparison + good 4 taller riders...anyway another option apart from the usual cb,zzr,fzr,cbr bikes.cheers

  2. why cant people just type FOR instead of 4 and TOO instead of 2

    So bloody geekish sms speak.

  3. i h8 it 2 m8
    lol l8r pplz
  4. It makes them feel 7l77t (or whatever it's 'spelt') :LOL:
  5. G'day dr650 and welcome.

    I'm sure the NSWers will appreciate the info, and don't worry about all these fuddy duddys that can't stand progress, they are still reeling from Sputnik. :LOL:

    While I was playing online games I got into the habit of using all the abbreviations which makes typing a whole lot faster, a big advantage in a realtime online world where it is kill or be killed. But I soon forced myself out of the habit when I found myself instinctively typing business documents with the abbreviations. Wasn't very professional and ended up taking much longer to go back and sort it out. Plus I stopped playing the games.
  6. Using "shorthand" is just laziness IMO (or the person isn't game enough to admit they can't type, use correct grammar, or spell).
    Sure, it's great in chat windows etc, or for SMS - but there is hardly a "character limit" in this forum that you're likely to use up!!

    That said, Welcome to the forum dr650 :)

    You aren't as hard to understand as:
    a ) Those that use " v " intead of " we " (that one really irritates me - this is Australia, not Germany :? )...
    b ) Those that don't use commas (,,,,,, these things ,,,,, )
    c ) Those that don't put spaces between words!!! :p
  7. whatthehellyoutalkinboutkezvalltalklikethatinfactireckonvshouldforgetspacesandcommasaltogetherandjustwritelikethisallthetimeitwouldmakereadingmessagesalotmoreinterestingireckon :wink:
  8. or, it, can be, even , worse, with commas, &,simbols,&bad speeling ,woill , soon P,u,OFF, ands,CapItaLs, :LOL:
  9. i started reading that, then i slapped myself