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Featured NSW Learner caught speeding

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by valf, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Not posting to say how innocent I am but wanted to get few information as it's not so clear for a non Australian like me...

    So what happened is I got caught by a static speed camera (that I didn't see, need to train my eye for this!)

    My speedo being completely inaccurate, that's not an excuse but whatever, it happened and it's too late.

    Question time :
    So as far as I can see, any speeding offence on Ls result in a 3 month suspension.
    Do you know if it will also suspend my full car driving license ?
    Can I ride until I pay the fine (before 21 days past the date I received the fine though otherwise $$$$)?

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  2. It will put the points on your car license, so u will only loose your car license if the points put u over the 12 points. U can keep riding. Once u pay the fine u will then get a nice little letter in the mail telling u the date u are not allowed to ride. Having said that take it to court and try and get off IMHO
  3. IF,
    you have no speeding fines in the last 10 years
    you were not going more than 10km/h over the speed limit
    then write in admitting fault and ask for an official warning to get out of paying the fine.
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  4. Speedos should not show a lower speed than the actual speed. They are allowed to show up to 10% higher, so the speedo can be showing 100k when you are actually doing 90k. If you speedo is showing lower than your actual speed it is a fault but no excuse under the law.

    • P2 plate drivers will have their licence suspended for at least three months for a second speeding offence.
    • Learner and P1 plate drivers will have their licence suspended for at least three months for ANY speeding offence.
    Learners and P plate drivers receive a minimum of four demerit points and a fine for any speeding offence. Speeding attracts additional points if committed in a school zone. Double demerit points apply for speeding during all holiday periods such a long weekends, Christmas, New Year and Easter.

    Learner and provisional riders and drivers face immediate suspension and confiscation of their licence for speeding more than 30 km/h over the speed limit.

    I believe up to 4 points will come off your drivers license, depending on how much over you were, if you have a full license and spare points you will not lose your car license. If you do not have available points on your car license you will lose that as well.

    As, I assume, it was not an immediate suspension you can ride until the notice takes effect which would be indicated on the infringement notice they sent you. This will take effect on that date whether you pay or not.

    korbailkorbail 's option if you have a clean car license asking for a withdrawal may be worth trying. I would get your mechanic to give you some evidence your speedo is under reading to present along with it and offer proof you have had it fixed. Unfortunately though little leeway is given to Learner permits.
  5. I thought the ADR was in fact a simple 10% variance - up or down.
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  6. No, used to be Mick. You could probably argue if your bike was older than the rule changes but I don't like the chances. The new ADRs (Section 18/03) in typical gobbledegook say:

    The speed indicated shall not be less than the true speed of the vehicle. At the test
    speeds specified in paragraph 5.2.5. above, there shall be the following relationship
    between the speed displayed (V1) and the true speed (V2).

    0 ≤ (V1- V2) ≤ 0.1 V2 + 4 km/h

    So basically the speed displayed must be equal or higher than the actual speed and the maximum the displayed speed can be is 10% + 4khm/h on the actual speed.
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  7. Cool. Thanks for that.

    I've never ridden/driven a vehicle that had an speedo the read lower than actual speed.
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  8. Thanks for the replies !

    So about the speedo, it's a DR 650 and the stock speedo has been replaced with a 'vapor' digital speedo...

    I guessed that it was showing less than the actual speed but was just guessing my real speed based on other cars on the road.

    So I was doing 60 on my speedo and received the letter doing 81km/h :( it's quite a big difference that the previous owner forgot to mention when I bought the bike unfortunately.
    Since this is about 20km/h more than the limit where I got caught, I doubt that I will get away with a simple warning...
  9. Sorry to say but you are done like a dog's dinner :(
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  10. PS valfvalf I'd be getting that speedo sussed out over your three month sojourn...you may never get off you L's otherwise...just sayin :cat:
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  11. When my Speedo cable broke I used an app called speedview or something like that and had my phone strapped to my arm with one of those arm band pouches runners use. Might be worth trying that out so you can see a more accurate speed.
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  12. That's a good idea, will try that!
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  13. Have they sent you a picture ? Do you think you were doing 80 ?
    If you were doing 60 according to your speedo, and riding at a similar speed to the traffic around you, then I doubt it would be 20kmph out.
    Ask for the picture. There might have been another vehicle that's affected the camera.
  14. Just checked the pictures, I'm all alone and it's me no doubt.
    An other thing, can't see that L plate on the pictures.
  15. Are you sure that it wasn't your fully licensed good buddy that was riding your bike at the time
  16. Looking at the picture, it's hard to tell hehe
  17. I've got a PDF copy of the Vapor Manual - shows how to set the speedo for your tyre size - let me know if you need any info.
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  18. Check the rego plate. Is it clearly your plate?
    I got a fine, same bike and colour as mine, looked at the plate, not mine.
  19. Yes I can recognize it :/
    By the way, since it is only on your L's that you lose your license straight away, could I do the driving test for my P which is possible after the 10th of March.
    Problem is, the fine is due the 6th of March....
    Do you think I would still be able to attend the test so shortly after paying the fine or they wouldn't allow it?
  20. Look above, your licence is suspended on your L's and P's