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Learner Buying Used 250, Damage Estimation Appreciated

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by scarecrow, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. If anyones got a couple of spare minutes could you check out the bikes below and give me a quick idea of what it would cost to fix them up, and whether or not they could be ridden fine in there current condition without any money spent?

    Cheers in advance :)

    Below is a scratched/cracked CBR250RR, would offer 3k for it, no more then 3.2 or so. From what I can tell its just cosmetic paint/fairing damage but how much (approximately) would it cost to replace these fairings? Or alternatively plastic weld them up + respray them?

    Bike Sales CBR250RR

    Below is a scratched and otherwise damaged Hyosung GT250R... the fairing damage looks minor to me, just some scuffing and misaligned panels which I wouldn't get fixed in a hurry but i'm not sure what's going on with the foot controls, is something seriously mangled there? How much would I be looking for to get that fixed up?

    Motorcycle Disposals Hyosung

    Again, thanks for anyone who takes the time to have a look and give a little advice, I'm still wading my way through learning about bikes, riding, maintanence and repairs so i'm getting there but need a little more expert advice on these.

    Not necessarily going to jump up and buy either of them, but am considering it as an option.

    Newbie biker,
  2. I'd go with the CBR.

    The damage to the fairing is substantial, but ultimately just cosmetic.

    My bike also has some fairing damage, had it when I got her. One of the panels from below the seat could use replacing because of broken-off bits and a fair crack, but other than that it's fine.

    I would look for damage to the engine if the bike's been dropped, but the fairing has probably taken the worst of it.
  3. Sorry to bump t his again, thanks for the reply Sonja :)

    Would anyone care to comment on the Hyosung?

    I'm thinking of taking a trip there this weekend and inspecting it... the gear shift pedal has either snapped off or been removed, the lever doesn't some to be bent but I won't really know the extent of that unless I see it. Would obviously be unrideable and need to be transported to a mechanic to get her fixed up or something.

    Estimate on the cost to fix the control damage on the Hyo?
  4. Trouble with the CBR-RRs is that they're all imported.

    So, you can't get new parts for them. Something goes wrong, you have to go hunting the wreckers.

    And I wouldn't buy a Hyosung, they're 5 or 10 years off being a reasonable alternative.
  5. I agree.

    The Hyosung is probably not the best option there. Not sure exactly how to repair the gear shift there, but it could be painful. Worst part about it is, if you do go and see it, you won't be able to ride it (no gear shift). Best you could do would be to see whether it runs.

    The Honda looks pretty good, though there is that whole import problem. Depending on how friendly you are with the wreckers around you might want to pass over this one.
  6. The Hyosungs are generally pretty solid and reliable and spares are readily available.

    The problem there is that the repair may be as simple as bolting on a new gearlever and footpeg bracket or it might be that the gearbox needs to be disassembled to replace the shaft (or more) and you don't really have anyway of knowing that without seeing it. Even then, there could be internal damage to the gearbox that's not apparent till you ride it.
  7. The CBR250RR was actually sold by Honda in Australia for one or two years, so you can order parts for RRs through Honda Australia. You can't, however, for single Rs.
    Cheers :)
  8. Other way around I think Ghibli.

    Call a few mechanics before you buy, ask them if they work on CBR250RRs - a lot told me to piss off.
  9. If you're going to fix up a bike, do it as a project, not to save money.

    95% of the time, you ain't going to save any money :)
  10. I don't know whether mechanics like or not to work on CBR250RRs.
    I know that Honda Australia sell spares for RRs but not for single Rs.
  11. Just a thought but if there are that many uncertanties, then why buy a damaged/wrecked bike? In some cases it can be very hard to tell the actual damage until you get it home and take it all apart.

    There is a reason the Hyosung is sitting in a Motorcycle Disposlas yard. It could well be that it is just cosmetic and the insurance company deemed it not worth fixing, but then again it could just as easily have been tarted up a bit to hide a bigger problem, thats the risk you take in buying from a wrecker.
  12. GPXs are good. Just don't kill them like mine is. :p
  13. Yeah i'm definitely starting to think that the Hyo is fcuked beyond easy repair, from the looks of the images there's no reason why the gear lever should have snapped off (very minimal scraping, footrest not bent or scratched at all) so I think they've just removed it to stop people taking it for a testride and discovering whatever problem it has.
  14. Correct! :grin:

    The Hyo looks as though it's just suffered a low speed slide, the gear lever will quite easil brake off depending how hard it hit the deck. It looks to me as though the bike has been ridden around since the accident happened as otherwise it wouldn't have a side indicator.

    What do you intend on doing with the bikes? If you're wanting to return them to a state where no evidence at all is visible of the crash, then it will ultimately cost a lot more than a decent 2nd hand bike. If all you want to do is ride the bike around in teh state that it's already in, then it could be a cheap purchase (but you'd only get the same money back when it comes time to sell).

    I can't see the cbr (ad has changed I suspect!), but parts are much more available for these, and aftermarket fibreglass fairings are common if you don't want to go to the expense of Honda replacement parts (not cheap!). It will still need to be painted though, and again you'll end up with a bike that cost more than a decent example.

    Save more money, or even better, buy a good cheap 250 for that sort of money, do your time, and sell it for what you paid.
  15. Dunno about availability of spare there Ghibli but you are right about the RR being a genuine import for a few years .
    I bought a crashed Grey import RR , and ad no probs getting fork tubes etc thro local Honda shop at around the same price as a SH pair from wreckers so double check new against s'hand.
    Plastics like all bike plastics are expensive to replace, shop around .
    Personally I would buy a Honda over a Hyo any day as long as the 2 are comparably damaged.
    Iwouldnt think that there would be much around spares wise for Hyos either new or S"hand.
    Just my $0.02 worth
    BTW unless you are mechanically capable leave bent bikes alone . Mechanics cost around $80 + /hr