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learner bikes..

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Tomek, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. Basically im looking for a learner bike which is ultimate bang for your buck..
    The FZR's have caught my attention lately..
    aree the FZR's learner legal? If so im in love :p


    Any one give me some constructive info on these bikes:

    yamaha FZR250

    kawasaki ZZR250

    kawasaki GPX250
  2. You will find heaps of other posts like this - but i love my hornet - looks like bigger bike and goes plenty hard enough...if i was going to get another 250 i would get the Hyosung - its looks great.
  3. Yep the FZR is learner legal in all states since it's a four-stroke 250. It's also a four cylinder so in terms of straight line performance has a slight advantage over the ZZR and GPX (both parallel twins). Realistically though all 4 cylinder, 4-stroke Japanese 250s are basically the same in terms of performance (power outputs and top speed are both restricted after all) so if you like the look of the FZR then get one.
  4. cheers mate.... the amount of relief.. hehehe

    i reckon they look horn!!!

    Would you know if this is the going rate of them? or this one a cheaper priced one?
  5. Not sure on the used prices of FZRs but $3,500 seems more than reasonable if the bike's in good condition.
    The FZRs do look good although I actually prefer the bike that came before it, the FZ250 Phazer :grin:.
  6. thanx for the info mate..

    Always good to have night owls lurking the forums :p
  7. Considered the Honda CBR250RR?

    Kawasaki ZXR250?
  8. up until now i was planning on getting the CBR but there just to pricey for an 15+ year old bike.
  9. Judge these imports on condition- and they all have new paint so look closely at the forks, brakes and frames for indications of a hard life.

    The FZR is a bit harder to work on- have to remove the tank and seat for stuff that on other 4s is accessible under the seat only, but it's not too big a deal.

    I'd get a GPX because they're almost as fast most of the time, comfy, cheap.

    The CBR has the advantage of being an official model so parts are a little easier to get, but as long as you know this and find a good grey import parts supplier, you'll be okay.

  10. That's the thing. With the forced inflated prices of 250's in Vic, you can buy that more expensive bike (CBR250RR?) and sell it for around the same cost when you get off your L's. If the price is the only thing stopping you from getting a certain 250, just remember you will get more money back when you upgrade if you look after the bike :)