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Learner biker clocked at 155km/h

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dsyfer, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Love the copy on this one, "Learner biker" not "motorcyclist"


  2. i'm a l plater and i have had my bike up and running pretty well
  3. Gotta love reporters...

    1. he was seen lane splitting
    2. he was estimated at doing 155km/h (based on time between points presumably)

    therefore, he was lane splitting at 155km/h............
  4. I'm pretty sure if he's able to get his lams bike going that fast, it's not defective. :LOL:
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  5. probably fender or exhaust.
  6. Obligatory "He must have gotten stuck in second" post.
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  7. Didn't even occur to me.
  8. How strange that the term "biker" was used. This is more a pomie term not an aussie one. Are the media about to label us bikers before then moving on to call us bikies?

    Im off to make a hat out of tinfoil now.
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    My hero.

  10. Im not surprised really, ive seen many L's riding way past that mark............disable the limiter and its a breeze, hell even my 125 could do that speed.
  11. Could have been a restricted 650? I know mine can go that fast... Er, a friend told me, I haven't tried it obviously :-s Or perhaps the defect was because he de-restricted it
  12. No problems there.
    I had my GS500F over that speed (stock standard)
  13. if it was for de-restricting it, they would've reported that he was also riding a large capacity bike he wasn't licensed for. (IMO)
  14. Defected? A lams bike that gets up to 155KM/h? My WR450F wont do that without some push and would be wobbly as hell.

    Every time I see something about bikes in the news, they always stretch the truth to make them look like outlaws?
  15. plenty of LAMS bikes capable of those speeds (and more)
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  16. My old 07 BMW F650GS can do that, apparently...
  17. Same 8-[
  18. Yerp, had my CBR250 up to 179. (This threads a pissing comp right?)
  19. "a practice known as lane splitting"

    Sounds sinister...... almost like "The CIA at Guantanamo Bay used brutal interrogation methods, a practice know as waterboarding..."
  20. Really?

    Bike Australia magazine during the 1980's (I think The Bear was the editor at the time) ran a survey to determine whether their readers regarded themselves as 1) Bikies 2) Bikers or 3) Motorcyclists.

    The largest respondent group was 2) Bikers and that's still how I think of myself but maybe it's time there was another survey :)