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Learner Bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by lark, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. Hey all, I'm in the market for an upgrade from the postie, and I'm being offered an ex rental 2006 vtr250 32000km for $4k. - new tyres, 6mo rego, heated grips, regularly serviced with history.
    Now this seems like an excellent deal and I'm very tempted, but I'm a bit worried about the damage on it. It's been dropped at least once on both sides, and has minor scratches on the pegs, handlebar etc, and a bigger dent and scratches on the muffler.
    The frame is fine and it seems to be all cosmetic damage.
    Most people seem to think that everyone drops their first bike anyway, so is it worth paying more for something that hasn't been dropped?
    Will it affect the price I'd get on resale? (I have no idea how long until I'd sell it, and I'd just want to get most of my money back)
    And do people generally avoid bikes like this that have this sort of damage.

    Sorry for the essay :p
    What are peoples opinions?


  2. I reckon there's better buys in the bikes for sale on netrider. Ex rental = you don't know how it's been ridden, but I would hazard a guess not real well!!!
  3. A friend brought an ex-rental a few years back now. I don't think, given hindsight, she thought it was a wise decision or one that ended up giving her a bargain.
  4. Mate,
    Definitely exciting times for you, whilst shopping around for a bike.
    Probably prudent to extend your search out further mate, if you haven't already done so.
    There are heaps of good bargains/sales out there, and if it's a VTR250 that you're after (as mentioned above) there are a few great looking examples in "Bike For Sale", here in the Netrider forums.
    Buying a bike is very exciting, leading to many of us rushing during the process. I, for one can include myself in this group :) We're human and just wanna jump on and ride.
    However, taking a little more time, and being very nitpicky with your examination/inspection of bikes will land you a beauty !
    Good luck and happy hunting mate.
  5. If you are after a 2008 suzuki gs500 learner legal bike in perfect condition and 2890kms with 3 months rego/warranty PM me - I'm in Melbourne. Might be out of your budget though @ $5500 firm.
  6. Cheers all, that's excellent advice, I'll keep looking around and wait until later in the year or next year when (hopefully :p) the excitement has worn off a bit. At the moment I want to buy every bike i've been to see :p

    Thanks again