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Learner Bike Sizes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by 00oli, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. I've noticed that there are many, many people wondering which learner bike to buy (me included) and I know that often its tough to figure out which ones will be big enough to be comfortable and ergonomic.

    In that spirit, if everyone with the following bikes (or any other popular learner models I missed) could post up their height/weight and how comfortable they find the fit, I'm sure we'd have a valuable resource for new riders to make better decisions.




    Ninja 250



    Thanks everyone!
  2. spada and zzr both really comfy. im a little over 6ft and around 90k i think? or 80. one of the two
  3. good idea mate! :beer:

    got a VTR250 for me.

    72kg, 5"10'

    im on my third VTR if thats any hint how perfect it is :wink:

    may i suggest you update your OP periodically, thus including the range of heights and weights for each bike. obviously only include the height/weight of people if they say the bike is comfy for them.

    Honda Vtr250
    65kg -> 110kg
    5"6' -> 6"2'
  4. Will do, once more people post up. Get moving, guys!
  5. Might be useful to note which are lams and which are not, for those of us who don't live in lams states.
  6. I am 5'7" and weigh about 63kg and I ride a GPX250, which is a great bike for me, as it's a nice height and light enough, most of the time, to move it about as required.
  7. I'm 5'7" and 60kg and definitely agree with the above statement. Had a sit on the zzr and found them to be very similar. I guess one thing I can add is that I can easily flat foot these bikes which made the initial learning experience a lot easier
  8. 6'1, 68kg, GPX250 - comfy as.
  9. 6ft, 90kg...

    GSX250F Across: Comfortable & forgiving. Seat too hard for long distances though.

    NT650V Deauville: More than big enough. Great for long distances. Learner legal, but intimidating for most learners at 230kg dry weight.
  10. 5'7", 73kgs.

    GS500 fits just fine. A little heavier than the 250's to move around, but really only seem to notice that when it's got a full tank.
  11. Any 400-600cc trailbike on the LAM's list will be big enough for anyone. Get one, they're fast and good handling on road tyres.

    Also DRZ400- particularly the SM.
  12. 5ft8 and a bit (I need every mm! :LOL: ) 100kgs (pudgy)

    GSF250 Fits perfectly.

    Is based on the 400 and as such is a bigger bike than the spada/vtr etc. Weighs 163 kgs so it's heavy but gives a good deal of feedback.
  13. Eh.. I just bought the bike I wanted to, regardless of the LAMS system :oops:

    May bite me in the ass, may not, but I've been riding for years and buggered if I was going to dick around buying a bike and selling it after a short while.
  14. You forhot the CB250F Hornet. Large and comfy :wink:
  15. 192cm tall and 100kgs - GSX250F Across.
  16. I've got a honda CB400 Super Four 2008

    I'm 6ft tall (182cm) and weigh 92kg. The bike is great for me. Its saddle position is pretty low, I've had friends who are 5'6" ride it and find it comfortable.

    The other advantage of the bike is that is has that sweet v-tec so it give you power when you need it.

  17. 186cm 92kg - GSX650F :wink:
  18. +1
    I am pretty much the same height/weight and feel the VTR size is perfect for me.
  19. 6'2 and 96kg...

    Ride a CBR250r, find the ride fine unless I need to fully crouch over on the bike then it feels a bit short.
  20. 5'4, 65kgs - ninja 250 is a perfect fit