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Learner bike for $2000

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Keith, Nov 12, 2004.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I have been loitering around this great site for a few weeks and find it is time to say hello ............. hello!

    I am rather financially challenged at the moment due to owning a very thirsty old Range Rover and feel it is time to get a bike to commute from Frankston to Carlton (off peak time) because the Rangie is costing me a fortune in fuel.

    The question is what 250cc bike is going to be ok for $2000 and also be able to keep up with freeway traffic with a 95kg lump on the seat.

  2. my uncles got a Z250 for sale at the moment. he wants $1500 with roady and reg till march.

    i sat on 110 down the frankston freeway no worries and i weigh 85, i know it has a bit more go than that, but probably not alot. apparently you'll get around 250ks to a tank, and the tank is pretty small....

    pm me if your interested :D
  3. there is an Across for sale near my house for $2800 ono, looked in good nick, decent bike... you'd get it for closer to $2k
  4. Welcome to the forum Keith! where do you hail from?
  5. Coconuts and Androo thanks for the tips but a few weeks early for looking time.

    Bondgirl I hail from downtown Frankston

  6. Keith
    welcome to the forum

    you should go for an across .
    6 speed , will sit on 100kph at around 9000rpm , (doesnt red line till 16500 rpm)
    43-45 hp
    will pull 95kgs easy , boot for wet weather gear.
    motors are bullet proof.

    only down fall is they are hard to find under about $2500-$3000
  7. See the light groberts and do your self a favour, sell him yours.