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Learner and p's test.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Menion, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Hi all, i was wondering if anyone can answer a few questions i have.
    My brother is going for his L test, and i told him what to expect. When i told him about doing a u turn and slow slalom without putting the feet down or you get penalty ( in p test) he asked why??? This is a good question i thought. In the real world, why is it important to be able to do these things without touching the ground??? Why is there so much emphasis on not touching the ground at these low speeds? I remember having to ride in a straight line at walking pace, lots of revs on the bike and the rear brake on, without touching the ground. Pointless i think, prematurely wears out clutch, brake and gets the bike hot when your not moving fast. Any one know the answer??

  2. I real life, between being stationary and getting up to 30km/h +, there is this bit that's called "Doing 1km-29 km/h"
    Can't avoid it. You will find your self there no mater what, at traffic lights, in slow moving traffic, going around a tight bend. It's called riding at slow speed. :roll:
    At that speed, the bike tends to fall side ways, not enough forward speed to keep it up straight. It's the time that you need to turn the handle bars to turn, while above 30 km/h you turn by swifting weight.

    Now, can you "walk" the bike when it does 20km/h? The faster you can walk is 5 km/h. After that you need to put the leg up and balance the bike. balancing the bike is not only for straights, but for turns too, tight turns, u-tight turns.
    Thats why you need to learn ridding the bike at any speed. Can't call in a friend to help you taking it out of your garage!!

    Doing a U turn of 6m is 100% doable with any bike, everyone with a license can/has done it, don't worry about, just practice..
  3. :roll: At low speeds and wanting to do tight u-turns. You can only achieve this by slipping the clutch with some throttle and counter leaning the bike.

    Putting your foot down might work with a small motard or light unit. Try it on a 300 kg cruiser! :!:
  4. I think its more like 0 to 10. But yeah absolutely. Oh and the putting your foot down on 300 kg of motorcycle with a 100 kg of pillion and lugage to make it go around a corner aint gunna work. But if you can do it with your feet up on a 125 you can do it on a leadwing. Given a couple of years practice anyway. Thats why. The L test is to see if you have the basics
  5. Whilst on the topic of Learners and Probationary licensing. The mob I plan to earn my P's with have no info on the skills that will be tested during the actual course. Can someone give me an outline on what is commonly seen in P's tests, mainly in Vic. Cheers Guys :)
  6. One word!! filtering :grin:
  7. The RTA wants to make sure you have the skills to filter/split lanes through traffic so there's more of a chance of catching and giving you a fine! :bannanabutt: